Tuesday, 24 November 2015

One Million People Meditate for Peace - Then All Out War Breaks Out

If one ever needed proof that meditating, mindfulness, great intentions and other similar platitudes, rather than actual actions, are completely pointless, if not counter-productive, then here is it. One million people meditating for peace and a few days later the animals from ISIS attack and kill over 100 people in Paris, followed by increased bombing and killings in Syria.

Cults and sinister cult leaders such as the fucking obnoxious and supreme establishment wankjob that is the Dalai Lama, and who promote meditation, rather than action to solve human problems, are simply just creating millions of hapless and docile human ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. It is gaslighting on an industrial level. 

The gaslighting of using Transcendental Meditation and other methods of 'dealing' with issues is nothing of the sort. It is another form of denial. This denial suits the psychopathic leadership just dandy, as they know you'll never challenge them as you are too busy trying to achieve a state of Zen or getting in the door of an imaginary sky fairy casino with Jebus.

Keep meditating and keeping praying, another 5,000 years more of it and it might solve the world's problems!

Eh, "Namaste" or something like that.


  1. waddya say.... we all meditate and visualize that all the psychos in charge are holding their breaths waiting for peace to break out and when it does their heads explode.

    uh oh....there i go again with another thought crime.

  2. Ha..brilliant Thomas..been waiting for a new post.. I shocked my 'hippy' friends several years ago by saying fuck tbe dalai lama.. cant stand him.. yep..meditate away..jus look within..never out there and all will be well..meanwhile????? Also..when vol2 of walpurgis night??? Thanks Thomas..always a pleasure!

  3. Very well said.

    Having partaken of the meditation, yoga, and reiki magical mystery tour myself - some twenty odd years ago - I very much understand how these things can fascinate and indulge our bio-electrical and ego-mind centeredness. Which is somewhat strange, given my extensive and transformative personal experiences at the time, an ouroboros tale for another day, perhaps. It is nevertheless neither the time nor the place, to be hoodwinked or negated in such a delusionary fashion. That being said, and despite the fact that I firmly believe (like Mr Watt) that our thoughts are a form of energy, and that one’s life should be predominantly ruled by the Delphic maxim ‘Know Thyself’, I am however, extremely cognizant of the debilitating ways in which these practices are enacted by so-called wise men.

    And so, I applaud your unconventional and refreshing views on this matter, and would therefore like to leave you with the immortal words of one of my favourite poets.


    Where crowns a purple haze
    Ashimmer in sunlight rays
    The hill called Incense-Burner Peak, from far
    To see, hung o'er the torrent's wall,
    That waterfall
    Vault sheer three thousand feet, you'd say
    The Milky Way
    Was tumbling from the high heavens, star on star

    Li Po

  4. TM™ is a business and a political movement. They even have their own political party – the US Peace Government (formerly The Natural Law Party). They also have shedloads of money, because there is no shortage of suckers who want a shortcut to happiness and success. When you've paid up, they present you with a unique mantra that is said to be just a sound with no associated meaning, and you are enjoined to keep your mantra a secret to protect its uniqueness or some such.

    There is a counterclaim to each claim. The mantra is not unique: websites list them, and there are only about 16 of them. So not secret either. They are handed to initiates on the basis of their age and sex. They do have an objective meaning: they invoke Hindu deities.

    If you're very, very good and give them some more money, you will receive a longer mantra. It is possible to translate these from Hindi: "Oh most beautiful [Hindu deity], I bow down to you" for example.

  5. Use anything that happen as bell of mindfulness,that is meditation..gedeprama|bellofpeace.org

  6. My god, you do talk a load of absolute shit.
    Your actual ignorance shines in this blog post.
    You also seem to do a lot of PROJECTING. Ever heard of it?

    1. As usual a brand new account created just to say nothing. Could be a Comet Death Cult Fanatic or a Convicted Paedophile? How can we ever know when they are so brave the hide...

  7. Visited Samye Ling monastery in eskdalemuir in Scotland a few years ago and went into the shop there. They were selling tins of tuna. When I asked a monk about it rehards their teaching of harming no living thing (one of the 5 Precepts I believe) he replied: "We need to get protein from somewhere". And it turns out the Dalai Lama eats meat. He's an enlightened being you see, returned to help others reach enlightenment, so he doesn't produce karma, good or bad, you see. Hypocrites all of them!

  8. http://jaysanalysis.com/2015/11/18/boiler-room-debate-jay-vs-bernard-on-jihad-and-false-flags/

  9. uhm, surely a more reasonable measure of success (of course no way to determine causality) would be to assess whether a significantly smaller proportion of the global population is actively involved in combat, as opposed to events limited to one city and one country.

  10. Do you know for a fact that a million people were actually meditating for peace a few days before the Paris Attacks? Where did you get your information? You don't state anything specifically. Is there any specific information that you can give us about this meditating group or groups? Is the picture posted above a special event that took place a few days ago or is this a public domain picture? How can you prove this?

  11. Hey Thomas, I heard you do an interview with a lad called James where you mentioned the tone generator changing pitch. I find that very interesting as I'm a radio HAM. That episode sounds like a crude form of hetrodyning or mixing. Its done either with a digital or crystal oscillator where two rf frequencies are mixed to produce another frequency. I dont know enough about the event to comment too heavily but I would love to know more about it. What was the pitch change, up or down? does the tone generator have a moving coil or piezo speaker. The pitch could quite possibly have been a strong magnetic current having an effect on the speaker changing the pitch. Next time bring a compass as this will indicate if there is a strong magnetic field present. I've had an experience where I was bush walking in Australia and was sent off course because I went near an outcrop of rocks that sent the compass mental. This situation with the meditating is interesting also because we are electro-chemical beings and if enough people are polarised a certain way anyone who enters their orbit will be effected..again its like hetrodyning/mixing. P.S there is a receiver you can build for listening to low frequency earth noises, I havent built one but I intend on doing it for listening to man made signals i.e submarines etc. Marc (ex-Artane) , Australia.

  12. Used to think mindfulness was a good practice, then I've learned recently that there's a push to introduce it into schools and I thought uh oh!

  13. The "animals from ISIS", who are directly/indirectly armed and financed by the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Without an endless "war against terror", how could we find customers for our weapons? How could America expand and entrench its empire of chaos?

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