Wednesday, 17 June 2015

For Christ Sake Stop Trying to Wake People Up!

Your Social Ridicule and Isolation is
Just Not Worth it.

Trying to 'wake people up' is the same thing as Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on front doors. It is nobody's business to attempt to impose ones ideas upon another person.

Just look after yourself and save your energy for something creative you can do for yourself in your own life rather than frustrating yourself with endless disappointment and ridicule. 

Yes, powerful psychopaths are in charge, but most people either already know this, or will figure it out eventually. You don't have to become evangelical about it. Doing so robs you of your own life and creative energy that you need for yourself. It also generates a 'fear' in others, and people's lives are hard enough without you making it worse for them. There will be no day when they say. "you were right!!!' - they'll have stopped being your friend long before that if you don't learn to shut your big 'no longer a sheeple' mouth when they are just trying to live their lives.

I completely understand that it can feel terribly romantic at first. Believing that a better, more compassionate world is possible if you tell all your mates and family about what you found out when they are perfectly happy watching X-Factor and sports on TV. But the results will always be the same trying to actively force others to 'wake up':

The laugh. The condescension. Nothing changes. Your wasted life and energy.

Thankfully, I never went through that. But my heart goes out to the well intentioned people who got caught up in that.

However, I do my best to help make life for people a bit safer, but offer it in the course of normal conversation, AND I ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL THE OTHER PERSON EXPRESSES A POLITICAL or SOCIAL OPINION FIRST. 

I have reached thousands of people with two things: explaining to them about psychopaths in positions of power/how they function, and then instantly telling them a smutty or clever joke before and after with a cheerful look on my face. 

I am hitting them with the low impact revelation, but then teaching them how the antidote also works. My nature is that of a fun guy who enjoys creative living. Why should my personality change when it comes to gently offering (not bombarding) folks with this info?

Basically my approach is:

Psychopaths Have Caused All the Misery 
Fuck Em If the Can't Take a Joke

It sinks into their minds and if they want to explore this further, they can. If they don't, good luck to them. That's their own business. But by approaching folks this way, not a single person has laughed in my face or said 'that's just conspiracy theory bullshit!'. No one. 

Following this, immediately change the subject to something like art, movies or rock music. 

No fear and no pressure. Just be yourself and make sure you have good data to back up your 'casual comments'. Never lay-it-on-thick with anyone, and most important of all, place no importance in how they react. 

Just do not mention it again unless they ask you. They might. They might not. So what . Time and consciousness will do the rest if that is what is meant to happen. If not, then if they are happy watching X-Factor and TV sports, then good luck to them and leave them alone. That's their own choice and not yours to change. Then enjoy your own life. Easy.


  1. While I think your theory is interesting and well thought out, I still feel quite strongly that 9/11 was indeed an inside job with all of the evidence I've seen and the gut feelings I get.

    In the beginning I believed the 'official story' myself, but then I heard a man named Ralph Schoenman, an activist, scholar and professor on WBAI talk about this very thing, and I was intrigued and delved more into it. I was, after a while, convinced that 911 was and inside job.

    On saying all of this, I think what happened to the 911 inside job theory is that it has become a religion, led by the likes of David Icke, Alex Jones, and other such kooks, so the theory itself became a distraction from being proactive for positive change.

    At this point, I myself am way past the whole 911 thing, as well as theories like the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations. I don't think we will ever really know the truth about any of these things, and that is by design. The only important thing at this point is get busy and get off the grid, reach out to our neighbors and find alternatives to the systems that we have been living under-and we need to do this real soon.

    1. Great words in your final paragraph my friend. The more people that turn away from the capitalist/corporate machine the weaker it will become. If we hope to avoid violent change that will have unpredictable results we should look towards changing things through protest, education and boycott. But it needs to be done on a massive scale to have any impact, so the more people that can be reached the better.

    2. @Global Fightback
      According to Ralph Nader you only need around 10% of the population to change things! If he's right, then the work should be a little easier :D

  2. Waking them up about what is eventually on the way in this world is nothing compared to my/our responsibility to wake them up as to what is very likely to come after death.
    My, no our salvation is very heavily contingent upon at least making an effort. Weather we become social pariah's or outcasts matters little at all, except to merit possible salvation.
    See here;
    See here;
    The saving of even one soul covers a multitude of sins. James 5:20
    Think Thomas, don't react. Praying for you as a good guy!

    1. You are right !! I don't want to go before God and be asked why did I not tell others about Jesus Christ and say it was not my place to tell them.I want to tell everyone about Jesus Christ and why he hung from the cross so that we all could be saved not by works but by faith and share with other the miracles and the powerful things he did in my own life and has given me the knowledge that because I've been born again I will have eternal life. With this knowledge I have such excitement that there is a better loving future awaits me. I no longer feel hopeless that when I die that is it. I look forward to leaving the earthly body and the glory that awaits everyone of us I can barely catch my breath just thinking of When I finally meet Jehovah will be the most beautiful glorious moment I will experience!!

  3. Oh by the way forget we should be afraid, very afraid, especially in this times. Fourth greatest crisis (some say unprecedented in the history of the Church)
    See Philippians 2:12 Something about working out your salvation with fear and trembling
    you may ridicule and scoff but you will rue it.

  4. Watch Thomas slowly sell-out. Everything is wonderful, nothing to worry about. Just put a fairy door on your trees. The "cycle pats" won't get you.

    1. Yes it's already happening, promoting apathy and 'all is well, nothing to see here'.
      How incredibly spiritually irresponsible, but alas, that's the problem.

    2. How is advising people to protect their energy, life force and sanity by not being evangelical regarding 'waking people up' selling out? Who ever listens to people when they are being evangelical anyway? When we are in this state of mind, we are being obsessive and extreme and only the already unhinged will come along for the ride.

      And the only 'spiritual responsibility' we have is to ourselves and ourselves alone. The plus side is, when we do fulfil our own spiritual responsibility to ourselves and sort our own shit out, we become more and more authentically ourselves and that's enough of a community service in itself. People can feel real and authentic and to meet a truly authentic person is a massive inspiration. A little light flares up in our spirits.

      From my perspective, this is what Thomas has always encouraged.

      One more thing: if you people had any balls or any belief in your accusations and derisions you wouldn't post on someone's page as 'Anonymous'.

  5. I've learned my lesson, if they ask ill tellem what I think happened and point them at operation northwoods and letem draw their own conclusions.

  6. I have seen people who are 'awake' lose a lot of friends because of there desperation to get them to see or know there opinion.. I totally understand why this happens.. For me personally having questioned many aspects of what the fuck is going on from a very early age in my life and then reading Ickes (for better or worse he stirred things up a bit) words in 1989/1990 I had the foresight n wisdom to not fall out with anyone! If people were up for talking then I would have a discussion.if they weren't then I'd talk about football!! :) Sometimes of course I would bang on about something..particulary the microchip/cashless society and wars are all business and when the glaze came over there eyes I would stop..but interestingly enough several friends many years later have thanked me for talking to them regards conspiracies amd one in particular apologised for not paying me the attention at the time! so to people,jus know when to shut up!

  7. "If you are going to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they will kill you." Oscar Wilde. One of your kin, eh Thomas. N. Abele

  8. The Sheridan article looks to me like a response over concern about social grace by an absolute novice consciousness activist. I am so far beyond the novice stage that I can't relate at all.

    Consciousness activism is without a doubt my life's purpose, the reason I came here. All my life, I felt numb and half dead, because a majority of those around me only cared for comforting lies. Today I am alive, lit on fire with purpose, because more and more people are beginning to sit up and pay attention.

    So finally I have an opportunity to express with clarity and purpose truths and insight that can help heal the planet. To continue to hold back, for me, would be failing my life's purpose.

    I have always had to watch what I say, since I was old enough to speak, based on how much the other person was ready to hear. It was suffocating and deadening. I held back in fear of being judged for telling the truth, and as a result all my "friends" and "family" were false.

    Now I am less guarded, more courageous in speaking up and taking a stand for truth and right, and for the first time in my life, I have been rewarded with real friendships based on sincerety and awareness.

    Since our mutual survival is on the line, we consciousness activists have more right to speak than the ostriches have the right not to hear.

    I force no one to hear anything. That is a false concern, as we are not capable of it. People only hear what they are ready to hear. I simply take a stand, in crystal clarity, on topics that I have fully explored and verified, doing my part for the survival and health of our species. If more people did, the evil agenda of the ultra rich would not have come so far.

    We do not have the right to forcefully reorient anyone in unprovable subjective matters. That is where JW's go wrong, as do other fundamentalists, confusing unprovable subjective matters with provable objective ones.

    Even provable objective matters can be rejected, so I never waste my time trying to convince those whose minds are made up. But we all have the right to choose who we will spend time with.

    In my case, I choose those who are done with the ostrich phase of their lives, and it has made all the difference. If I find out the truth is unwelcome with "friend" or "family", then it becomes crystal clear to me that there never was a real relationship anyway--for they are spitting on my highest value, truth--so going our separate ways in peace is no "loss".

    Standing for truth and right is my "one pearl of high value". It is my only cause for happiness. I cannot give it up and schmooze, for there is no benefit in that, none whatsoever. Perhaps that is tempting for those who value schmoozing as an important part of their identity.

    My identity was as it is long before the awakening began. I am a consciousness activist.

    1. I like your thoughtful and well considered reply and am broadly in agreement with your stance. We live, imo, at a threshold in human history, where the power of the internet provides greater potential than ever before to awaken and educate the masses (and the vested interests are of course clearly aware of this and are countering with disinformation). Whilst I agree with Thomas that as individuals we need to nurture our own life force and safeguard it against those who prefer to callously ridicule rather than objectively listen, I nevertheless believe that it's enormously important to reach out to those who have open minds, for it is those who offer the hope for a better world.

    2. The world is riddled with the luke- warm they know the Truth in their hearts but wish not to act on the Truth because of their conformity
      to the status quo. The fear they hold on to is exposure of being ridiculed this is something that most people's fake ego or persona can not handle. Two thousand years ago certain groups of people tried to bring about radical change to a world that was steeped in cruelty, narcissism and slavery they quickly smothered and stamped out those that spoke or taught Truth if it were not for these brave soul's we would not be here today speaking our Truth to the masses. So I deeply disagree with Mr. Sherriden on this matter that Truth should be sheepishly released in increments to the masses. We are not infant's that need to be fed pablum we are grown adults that can handle the truth and for those that can't oh well.

  9. Is that anything like imposing LGBT agendas on the masses ?? and other bullshit

  10. I agree with you, Thomas. It is unbelievably arrongant to feel only the person on the soap box has all the answers. The attempt to validate their (and I was such a person once) thoughts is rediculous. Having collided with a psychopath, I now am stronger and more able to step back and say "no" to causes that are not my own. In the long run, the wake up call has been amazing. I still believe in kindness and generosity of spirt, but I no longer have that burning sense that I must do as others direct. In a way, that's the problem with social appears so many are lost in what others believe. It's like a book...take what is beneficial and let the rest go. I SO LOVE YOUR TAKE on LIFE AND this BLOG!

  11. We killed a million plus innocent people due to that false flag so greatly recognizable as such. It was far from unreasonable to think such an obvious bamboozle might be turned around were there the necessary moxy among us. A million people died and you're worried about social etiquette? It was a good try and still is. We need more evangelists, not less. Many people are under the spell of this military/financial industrial complex and 9/11 truth has 'saved' many and can save many more, perhaps even break the spell.

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  15. From experience I can say that this is correct. I was never evangelical but I lost my oldest friend from school as soon as I brought up banking conspiracies. I wasn't hysterical in my explanation either. I didn't bang on about Jews, Freemasons or crown corporations. It was enough to make him question my sanity and ignore me though. 20 years of friendship down the shitter, not worth it. Just because he didn't want to know about that didn't make him a worthless person or 'sheeple'. He definitely could have handled it better but I don't resent the bloke. The worst thing I did was neglect my creativity, I had a long history of creative efforts and when this ceased (around the time I got into this "RESEARCH") I believe it inhibited my ability to make balanced judgements or even have a sense of humor. When you hear that saying 'everything in moderation' you should make it your fucken motto. When you let your bullshit force field down you become vulnerable to all sorts of shit and this whole movement from the 9/11 people to the Freemen will keep reminding you that you have to be 'open'..'open your mind'. All is well for me now but it's taken a few years of major reflection and only now I can see the big picture. Find some means to be creative and stick to it is all I can say.

  16. Supporting disinformers like Sean Adl doesn't help though does it Thomas?!

  17. we are onto the disinformers like yournewswire and neonnettle