Monday, 22 June 2015

Courtney Love: A Perfect Case Study in Female Psychopathy?

It is rare that I sit down and write up a piece having just watched a movie. However, having just sat through the powerful and disturbing docudrama Soaked in Bleach,  which surrounds the endless inconsistencies involving the official suicide verdict of of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain on April 5, 1994, I wish to stress how potentially useful this film - and the scenes portrayed in it - can be in generating a universal awareness of psychopaths and how they function in terms of how they control and confuse others. 

The narrative of the story concerns the work of Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney Love, during the early days of April 1994, when Cobain had apparently gone missing following his release from a drug rehab in Los Angeles, and then his subsequent return to Seattle. Without spoiling the plot, I will point out several markers which Courtney Love demonstrates that may possibly indicate how she could be a full-blown psychopath. Assuming the information presented within Soaked in Bleach is accurate.

Her initial meeting in a hotel room with Grant, in which she is barely dressed and is using her - albeit 'skank'-level - sexuality to create an initial (gaslighting) state of confusion and a sense of distraction/unease within the private investigator's concentration levels from the outset. In the recording of the audio cassette tapes Tom Grant made with Love, in which he asked awkward questions, or when the investigation was not developing in the direction she required, Courtney Love uses many dysfluencies in her speech patterns, such as 'um' and 'ah', which has been shown in research into speech studies of criminal psychopaths, to be far more common with psychopaths than the population at large. The psychopath is 'buying time' to make up their next lie, and the almost constant stream of 'ums' and 'ahs' are interjected into their dialogue for this very purpose. In a highly charged emotional context - in this case involving the possible suicide of a spouse - a normal person does not 'buy time' in their speech patterns, as they are much too concerned and worried about the fate of their loved one.


If there is one aspect of my work which I think has proven to be the most effective, it is popularisation of my constant mantra of NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN when dealing with a pathological or manipulative person. In the case of a psychopath, NCEA is extremely important as it puts the target in control for the first time. In the docudrama Soaked in Bleach we can see Courtney Love's reaction to Kurt Cobain putting NCEA on his wife and how psychotic - and in her case, potentially dangerous - she becomes as she realises that she has lost her emotional grip and psychological hold upon Kurt Cobain. I tell people time and time again that they can never 'get back' at a psychopath, but they can remove themselves from the psychopath's powerful psychological hold over them by going NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN. 

I cannot recommend the movie Soaked in Bleach enough and I state this as someone who is not a fan of Nirvana's music and my only motivation here is pointing out what a potentially useful case study the film provides in profiling Courtney Love's possible psychopathy, as well as encouraging people to watch this excellent production in and of itself.


  1. I don't know much of Courtney Love, but she has long since struck me as an archetypal female psychopath. I will certainly watch this film, and look out for the tell-tale traits. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Did you notice how her first album came out right after his death? Sounds to me like the classic case of a blood sacrifice.

    1. Her first album was "Pretty on the inside" and came out in 1991. I think her motivation was Kurt was trying to divorce her.

  3. I don't know much of Courtney Love, but she has long since struck me as an archetypal female psychopath. I will certainly watch this film, and look out for the tell-tale traits. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Forgot to mention earlier. I remember reading many years ago REM's ' Crush with eyeliner' is about Courtney Love. Check out the lyrics, even Stipe was on to her!

  5. I saw this docudrama a couple of weeks back on Vimeo and immediately thought it would be something that you would be straight on to. It is obvious that this vile 'creature' set things up as she feared losing her meal ticket in life. Apparently she has been doing all she can to stop this film being aired. Let's hope the case will now be reopened and she receives her comeuppance.

  6. Another interesting bit of information. Kurt's last song "You Know You're Right" seems to be speaking about leaving Courtney Love...The song was released in 2002...However, Courtney Love did a live cover of the song in 1995 (one year after Kurts Death) and changed the title to "You've Got No Right" and made the verses about leaving into ones about staying...
    IMO...Courtney Love had Kurt Murdered. She had a massive motive and she is the exact type of personality that would do such a thing. This is based off of the myriad of anecdotal evidence provided by HER PARENTS, HER LOVERS, AND FRIENDS!!! Her own mother, Linda Carroll, in her autobiography describes Courtney as having early onset bipolar disorder with pathological tendencies. Courtney was sent to boarding school, and met with counselors under her mothers guidance to stop this behavior. Linda states that it never did and Courtney legally emancipated herself from her. A very telling quote from her book, "Her (Courtney) tantrums were truly terrifying. It seemed as if she had no internal compass to let her know that she had gone too far." Hank Harrison, HER FATHER, says and I quote " I know she did it". James Moreland, her former husband, says that she "lit his bed on fire with him in it" and "threatened to have him beat up for 200 if he didn't capitulate to her demands", and " abused his animals".
    Frances Bean, her daughter, emancipated herself from her mother due to "domestic physical violence."
    IMO...She totally fucking killed Kurt Cobain. She is a delusional, psychopathic, narcissistic demon. She lies pathologically, manipulates people, and treats them like dolls...dolls that she has the right destroy. She scares the living shit out of me and is definitely the poster child for psychotic femininity.

    For all the haters, and disbelievers...know these facts:
    -Rosemary Carroll, her lawyer, found practice handwriting sheets in a backpack Courtney left in her possession where Courtney was obviously forging the "suicide note."
    -The closest people in her life all state her psychotic behavior. It is one thing to have one person say something bad about you...but everyone?
    -Tom Grant, a private investigator, who you know....whose job it is to INVESTIGATE THINGS...adamantly states that she WAS involved and has stated this for 21 years!
    -Courtney filed a missing persons report in Kurt's Mothers name and stated that he had quote " Left rehab, was suicidal and bought a shotgun " when the facts were opposite. Kurt bought a shotgun because a break in had taken place a week prior and then went to rehab...She added the suicidal bit and reversed the story.
    - The Rohypnal that Kurt had almost "killed himself" with a month prior was from a prescription that was in HER name.
    -She called Veca electric to do a security installation on the greenhouse....They are the ones who discovered his body...Doesn't that seem a bit like someone who is trying to establish an alibi by having someone else discover the crime scene.
    - The detective who handled the case was later forced to resign from SPD because he was about to be fired on corruption charges.
    The list is truly endless. This isn't JFK. Its not a secret consortium of bankers, war profiteers, politicians meeting in private....Its so open and in our faces. Que Bono?...She killed him. Fuck you Courtney Harrison, I hope you get yours!
    "Heard about where bad folks go when they die.
    They don't go to heaven where the Angels fly.
    They go to a lake of fire and fry,
    Won't see em' again till the forth of Juuuuly!!!!"

  7. Now I do think Courtney Love is pure evil, but does display symptoms of NPD. Now is it the person's fault for their disorder? Was she born this way? Or was it a by-product of her upbringing? It seems to me that the LSD never helped, or nor did the fact that whenever she acted up her mother would console her and give her what she wants, because she was afraid of her. To me Courtney seems like because maybe at one point she craved attention and control over her situation as a child, that she learnt a lot of the behaviour so when it came to Kurt the controlling narcissistic behaviour was at full peak, especially as she wanted to control things and seemed extremely jealous of any female that got close to Kurt, n hated the fact that Kurt refused to do the loolapalooza etc. I notice also how the only reports from drug use came from Courtney herself was this merely a projection? Because she regretted the drugs, an attempt to defame him? Or perhaps an attempt to play the victim? Everything looking back even before Kurt "Committed Suicide" was a set up, the drug stories, the Rome incident in which the Dr even said he was not suicidal, it's strange how at the hotel Courtney discovered him collapsed at 4.30 then went next door to Cali and never phoned the ambulance until 6.30am was she trying to ensure he couldn't be revived? Or was she too busy preparing her story, make up and calling the papers. One thing that I think is disgusting is the fact she looks so clean and freshly done up in the ambulance pics, now for one I would expect a more frantic look for anyone if I find someone collapsed n would call the ambulance immediately etc especially if it was my husband. Then she came out with grossly exaggerated statements regarding the amount of rohypnol he popped, which incidently was her own hmmmm... Plus the call out on Mar 18th claiming he was suicidal n locked himself in the bathroom. One of two things really strike me tho, the first is if my husband went missing I would not file a missing persons report under his mother's name, which makes me question what she knew/was hiding. The other really major thing is that the death scene was really odd to me now the so called caderivic spasm which caused him to clench the barrel with his left hand, now generally the death spasm is the position he died in, now this would have meant he'd of had to have been sitting up straight with shotgun close to his body to shoot, but giving the length of the gun and the angle he'd have had to shoot it would have been impossible for the caderivic spasm. Also the lack of blood suggests to me that maybe he was dead before being shot, also he was left handed so wouldn't that have been the trigger hand or am I missing something? Another thing is the heroin dose three times the lethal limit and most ppl especially after a period of getting clean, do not have the same tolerance as they used to, so what they could have tolerated previously generally kills them and most of these types of overdose victims die with needle in arm, so how he could just shoot up then put everything back and roll down his sleeves etc, before shooting himself is beyond me. If an addict wanted to die then an overdose would do the trick and a peaceful way to go, just don't buy how he was found. Plus the lack of fingerprints from the pen and the gun, is the strangest don't like to throw accusations around but seems to me the Seattle PD were in a hurry to file the case, n never did the necessary investigatory work. The case should be re opened as from the start there was glaringly obvious inconsistencies, like the autopsy report which was wrong, the hand writing on the suicide note too plus the lack of fingerprints, n the fact that pictures of the death scene were only released a couple of years ago.