Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Is Trendy Veganism the Final Stage Before Trendy Cannibalism?

How Soon Before We Are on the Menu at the Dinner Tables of 'Progressives' as Punishment for Our Carbon Footprints?

Ironically, I see more and more Vegans are suggesting (mainly sardonically)  that we should eat other humans (poor working class ones of course) rather than eating animals. Apparently, the idea that humans are not part of nature, pushed by the likes of Greenpeace and the pet-murdering PETA, is now firmly embedded within the human psyche to the point whereby most people automatically assume it to be so. Not only are humans now considered unnatural, we are also considered a deadly malignant tumour upon the planet. Of course, this rule does not apply to Prince Charles and his 'stuff'. 

Before you vegans have another veggie rage, brain fog outburst from lack of animal protein, this article is not directed at people who choose becoming vegan (for whatever reasons and good luck to them) in their own lives, it is the 'political vegans' whom I am highly suspicious about pushing this option upon the rest of us. I don't unconditionally trust  the super rich, as I am neither a newspaper journalist, nor Russell Brand. In fact, I don't trust the super rich in any way, shape or form to do anything in the best interests of humanity as a whole that does not exclusively serve the elites and their own god-like egos above all else. 

Ask any indigenous tribe what the ruling elites have done for them, and then relay your findings to poor people in the West who for some reason trust their same masters... In case you haven't been paying attention, a wealthy British MP is accused of murdering a 14 year old boy at a sex party, and I can assure you that 'if' this is true, the murdered teen did not attend either Eaton or Harrow and therefore deemed disposable. So good luck with trusting these rich and political mental cases with your food and health.

If there was perhaps an underlying political 'conspiracy' behind the mainstream vegan movement - which is 'piggy backing' on the very understandable animal rights aspects of horrific modern farming methods - it might be to push consumption of human meat as a solution to 'human problems'? A kind of dietary karma for humanity as a whole in the form of an Edward Bernays-style psychology operation to create overall change in the perceptions and cognition within the population. 

After all, from the moment they exit their mother's womb, children these days are now indoctrinated (not the ones who go to Eaton and Harrow of course) to believe that they are a plague upon this planet. What better way for the wealthy to solve the problem of "too many poor people" other than to gobble us all up. It's happened before old bean!

Is this eh, zeitgeist also the root of this bizarre occurrence of cakes in the shape of very realistic human infants, and this unbelievable fucked up political event in Sweden a few years back:

not to mention this:

Socially acceptable cannibalism would tie in very nicely with everything from population reduction, Transhumanism and onto their sacred and infallible global warming, sorry, I meant climate change. Even the 'I love to abort babies for my freedom!!!'-style radical posh feminism sits in nicely here. I am pro-choice myself by the way, not pro-abortion exclusively as fashionable and 'liberating' birth control measures as promoted by wealthy blue blood aristocrats (and confirmed CIA operative) such as Gloria Steinem.

As all these bullshit, but potentially genocidal (upper middle class and beyond) trendy agendas all overlap among people with the highest incomes - while poor people are increasingly being dehumanised by the aristocrats using their mainstream media - one has to wonder how long it will be before the Vegan Feminists in the Cambridge Social-Workers Party, Anti-Nazi League will be dining on Chav Le Vin before they set off to their next 'equality and inclusiveness' march? 

After all, these wealthy activists see no distinction between a human animal on their tax farms and chickens in a KFC battery shed. Well, except perhaps they have far more compassion for a chicken than they would for a 'gutter snipe' child living in a council flat through no fault of their own.

"Tally Ho, Bon Appetite to Fight Climate Change Ra-Ra-Ra!"

NOTE: One of the reasons I knew the Hampstead thing was a psy-op was the 'Satanic' cheap and hysterically 'triggering' terminology constantly whipped about, while forgetting that aborted foetus organs are used daily by big business. In reality, they should have be more outraged by the likes Monsanto and other 'bio-ethical' marketing. Instead, the diversion worked and the protesters were harassing innocent people - while looking psychotic for all the world to see - outside a church, and not protesting outside GMO labs which use human cells and organ parts daily in food and product development.

As usual, they are fed a diversion of an imaginary 'Satanism' rather than a real world corporate Psychopaths doing 'just business'. The psy-op worked and Monsanto and the rest of these corporate monsters are in the clear.

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  1. I see you are helping out the divide and conquer technique of the "climate change pushing flesh eating zombies" . Corporations that don't want to stop/rethink the agribusiness and animal torture that the industry engages in.
    Veggie eating and vegan trends are just being harnessed by NWO climate change and that is what you should be addressing. As is the repressed female in the "feminism" movement ( which is ignorance based )in the patriachy model we have.