Monday, 15 June 2015

British Class System Returns with a Vengeance - OFFICIAL

Having recently observed how Danielle Le Verite was so viciously savaged by people in the UK - constantly attempting to dehumanise both the woman and her family by making specific reference to her "London working class accent" - as if this was something she should be ashamed of, along with reading an insightful article by Julie Waters in the Daily Mail concerning the old fashioned British class system taking over the British arts scene again, had me looking deeper into this topic. Studies done by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission found that top legal, finance and accounting firms openly and unashamedly discriminate against people from working class backgrounds. 

Here is one of the more stand-out comments:

“Is there a diamond in the rough out there?” the unnamed recruiter told researchers. “Statistically it’s highly probable but the question is … how much mud do I have to sift through in that population to find that diamond?”

From Benefits Street to the Orcs in the Lord of the Rings movies having 'Cockney' accents, it would appear that the British class system is back with a vengeance, and what's more there is hard evidence to support this. A major report by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission determined that top legal, finance and accounting firms wantonly discriminate against job applicants as well as their own existing employees from working class backgrounds. The discrimination was clearly identified as being on the employer's end. 

Unacknowledged “poshness tests” at elite British companies are thwarting the career prospects of talented working-class applicants and reinforcing social division, according to a government study.

The research by the social mobility and child poverty commission found that old-fashioned snobbery about accents and mannerisms was being used by top companies to filter out working-class candidates and favour the privileged.

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  1. Thomas there is now an obvious return to that happy state of elitism so rudely interrupted by a century of Teuton/Slav trouble when the UK abos just had to be upgraded from scum to utility. Disgusting as it was for the oligarchy the unpalatable truth bullet just had to swallowed that full literacy had to be attempted.

    The canker that is London is an internationalist egalitarian discriminatory pirate base. Locals need not apply since by definition they cannot bring stolen loot into the country for protection. There is no colour of money, though possession of it is an acid test for membership of the club. Country club staff will know there place, or else.

    It has been a wonder to behold the quiet rehabilitation of monarchy here through the constant low level hollyweird gong giving over the past quarter century. Given another decade of perverted programmed pedagogy of the oppressed the scum grade locals in London will be back to the level of their 1910 predecessors, unable to read and reliant on tile patterns on tube station walls to identify their stop. BTW that is what all TomTomlike.apps anticipate.

    The City of London Soviet is thriving.

    Cheers ears.