Wednesday, 28 October 2015

European Sword Fighting As it Really Was

Fascinating documentary which originated as a Kickstarter campaign, Back to the Source, examines  training and practice used in historically accurate swordsmanship. The viciousness and brutality of European Martial Arts combat of the Middle Ages is a long way from what Hollywood swashbuckling would have us believe. 


  1. Thomas did you ever hear of the Irish martial art (dodgy spelling) Scotica? I was told by a friend who was a cage fighter that he came across someone who told him it was passed down from generation to generation still to this day like folklore. Only certain families still practice it and it's a very private club with an invite only policy. I dunno. sounds iffy but interesting nonetheless. The only thing I found on wikipedia was;

    The Irish language term for "martial arts" is ealaíona comhraic.[1]

    Traditional styles include Dornálaíocht (boxing), Coraíocht (wrestling), Speachóireacht (kicking), and Batadóireacht (stick fighting). Unfortunately no Scotica.
    Someone else told me visiting Samurai to Dublin considered hurling a martial art and that Bull fighters visiting Cork considered our pensioners matadors because of the way they weaved in and out of moving traffic with no regard for their safety or traffic lights. Tis a funny old world alright!

  2. Oh my god. Thanks Thomas! Next time you send Tinkerbell out to try and scare me make me the cookie first! I hope that cookie was for me, I am feeling a bit peckish! In other news Tinkerbell made herself look psychotic and dumb. Lots of positive feedback on calling her Tinkerbell, if anything, if magic really exist the satire I produced in response cancelled both out. And made Tinkerbell look like a proper fruitcake! LOL Abra'fuckin'cadabra!!!

  3. Interesting coincidence with the subject matter of your latest collective unconscious/dream precognitive experiment as outlined in your latest yt show. False Flag in historical setting (giza plateau ect) I dunno if the Russian airbus crash en route from Sharm El Sheik qualifies, interesting though.