Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Butter Dance: Squishing on the Shoulders of Giants

As the art scene continues to remain completely irrelevant to this planet apart from heavily public public galleries that no one is interesting in attending, I thought we would be reaching a turning point were even the lunatics behind contemporary art would hold their hands up and admits they are full of shit, but no. 

The Butter Dance is a six minute 'performance installation'  in which a woman in a tight dress and high heels contorts among chunks of butter accompanied to the sound of tribal drumming. But best of all in the video is the very serious art critics and enlightened audience not bursting out laughing as it is happening.

"Melati Suryodarmo (b. in 1969 in Surakarta, Indonesia, lives and works in Braunschweig, Germany) performes EXERGIE- Butter dance, an older piece but shown for the first time at Lilith. 20 blocks of butter in a square on the black dance carpet. Suryodarmo enters the space, dressed in a black tight dress and red high heels. She steps on the pieces of butter. She starts to dance to the sound of indonesian shamanistic drums. She dances and falls, hitting the floor hard, rising, and continuously being on the verge of standing, slipping and falling in the butter. After twenty minutes Suryodarmo rises one last time, covered in butter, and leaves the space."


  1. I saw this Belgian artists on TV years ago filling his arse full of liquid paint then expelling it onto a canvas on the floor. And they were selling like hotcakes! You had to pay a bit extra for the textured work.......................sounds like a load of fecking shite!

  2. Have you seen Interior Semiotics?

  3. looks like she absorbed half the art thru her skin

  4. There is no cure for deliberate stupidity

  5. My sister and I were laughing so hard tears came out of our eyes!

    I think this performance is a perfect example of how most people can be hoodwinked. Little wonder as to why things in the world keep getting worse.

    1. Art for art's sake,
      money for gods sake,
      and absolute fukin bollocks for absolute fukin bollocks sake.

  6. I like to draw pictures even paint, but I don't call myself an artist because the "art scene" gave art a black eye and a bad name.

    My local "art" museum is basically an upper middle class hen house.

  7. When Rome fell the final act that bought it down was the butter dance!!!!! :-)
    History repeats!

  8. In terms of social therapy for traumatized human resources - this woman is definitely on the right track. Her performance reminds me a lot of the tradition of the silly sports in traditional European lands.

    It was the silly contests that brought people together to fight it out over things like who could wear the biggest cheese head. Tomato fighting, cheese rolling, mud wrestling, bunny hopping ( a Nordic favourite). Now this last is very good fun - hopping your bunny over jumps while the crowd cheers and laughs at how stupid you look out there with your rabbit trying to get it to jump over little obstacles. Germans, sadly do not get this, and should be banned from bunny hopping in my opinion. They have added too many rules. Contestants who take themselves entirely too seriously defeat the purpose of silliness in sport with personal trainers for bunnies, gyms for bunnies etc. Anyway. I digress.

    We need to invent more silly sports to add to the traditional silly sports contests like conkers, bog snorkeling, cheese rolling, and in Australia thong throwing, cockroach racing, cane toad racing, beer can regattas, ferret wrangling and dunny racing.

    Butter dancing in high heels would definitely be a bit hit at the midsummer fair. It would be a great event for young women who have been traumatized by the body image mania imposed on them by the Eye of Sauron.