Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cults: Stage Two of the Control Grid

Do you consider yourself to be awake, aware or spiritual? If you follow a cult. You just found another trap and you are even more asleep that you were before you 'woke up'.

If someone tells you they have the 'answers', and that these answers include predictions of future events which have been procured from supernatural, or off-planet sources, there is only one rule in this situation: RUN A MILE AS FAST AS YOU CAN in the opposite direction towards sanity and salvation before you are destroyed for all eternity.

As children they ordered other kids around at school only to be laughed at. Then they would go home and scream hysterically in their own filth until the world finally how special and 'selected' they were. God's 'Special Little Messenger' knew what they wanted to be, long before they claimed to have received transmissions beamed to them and them alone...

At their very core, all cult leaders are psychopathic thugs with mysterious, complex and on-going life-long criminality, diverse spiritual experimentation and contradictory personal histories behind the persona they present to the followers. This messianic image is the only persona which matters to the cult followers. They adore the quasi-mystical leader who is somewhat flawed 'like the rest of us', but otherwise possessed with secret powers and a hidden knowledge. In actuality, this hidden knowledge is used to hide the real knowledge of the cult leader's often appalling actual criminal past. 

Cult leaders do not just suddenly decide to become a messianic figurehead at the helm of a group of deluded fanatics completely out of the blue one day. They were cult leaders long before they had a cult and they always behaved as if they were cult leaders even when they had only their own pathological reflection in the mirror following their every gesture and word. 

Psychopaths use mirrors to fake the emotions and expressions their potential targets require from them. The actual cult of devoted followers when it arrives, eventually replaces the mirror, but performs in precisely the same way. The psycho-spiritual mirror of the followers comes to see the cult leader with the same sense of narcissistic adulation that the psychopathic cult leader observes reflected back at them in their bathroom mirror. 

ASK YOURSELF. IF THIS CULT LEADER IS LEGIT THEN WHY THE INSECURITY, SMEAR-CAMPAIGNS, POLICE STATE MENTALITY AND FEAR OF OUTSIDERS? It's really very simple, if they are the real deal then they do not have to part-take in any of these things.

Did you Wake Up Only to become another kind of "Sheep" for an Alternative 'News' Site?


  1. This really sums it up -

  2. L. Ron Hubbard, Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, Joseph Smith would have all made great multi-level marketers... at the top of the pyramid scheme.

  3. G. A-nja: "Thomas, you are some pretty nice no-cult, dude!"

    Bill: "Come on, G. A-nja! He is sooo fucking funny. I can hardly hold know?"

    G. A-nja: "You mean the opposite of funny is funny?"

    Bill: "Well...sort of..."

  4. Anonymous, that cult video is an awesome! it applies to the workplace, religions, and governments!!!

  5. Hello Thomas, after a break from net have caught back up with your work up to present and brilliant as always even if we don't agree on vegan ism. However you might be interested in you tuber Kerry mccarpet . She does a blog on 'why I disagree with dr Michigan kaka' and his seeming push towards transhumanism. Please give it a whirl. Much love, dawn x