Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Worst Science Money Can Buy...Maybe

Prof. James Fallon - Pimping the Imaginary 'Warrior Gene'.
(making an interesting hand gesture)

An article in a recent issue of Forbes Magazine succinctly illustrates the reason for the growing mistrust of both science and scientific data - from the Global Warming aspect - in terms of scientists being much too quick to nail their colours to political and corporate flag poles rather than standing by hard test results. 

From my own research into psychopathology (which, granted, is from the point of an amateur with no credentials other than my ability to read articles and research papers written by people who are scientists and then deliver the information as demystified useful shit people can actually understand and use in a holistic non-specialised manner within their own lives) there is a growing movement to find and prove the existence of a purely imaginary 'warrior gene' which creates psychopaths. 

If you dig, and look for hard proof (beyond the sensationalist media headlines and 'iffy' research documents) - the best you can expect is "we are working on it" or "epigenetics will uncover it in five years". Sorry lads, but this kind of magical thinking does not cut it if you profess to be driven entirely by reason and nothing else. If one claims to be a proponent of rational thinking something either is or isn't, otherwise it is faith and you can't have it both ways. 

The fact is, there is no magical thinking, only prejudice and negative influence. Someone somewhere has a vestige interest and is throwing lots of money at research in order to create scientific mythologies ranging from a brain filled with sodium fluoride is good for your teeth, to woo-woo 'Warrior Genes'. 

Usually it is corporations and politicians, who might be getting a little edgy about the growing understanding of psychopathology within power structures, and may be seeking to create a hereditary 'illness' so therefore are found not guilty when it comes to banking scandals and war crimes...perhaps? "We are NOT genocidal criminals!!! We are unwell and have Warrior Gene Syndrome!!!!"  

More worryingly, we are also drifting (nudged in reality) closer and closer to the resurgence of Eugenics, and even the implementation of pre-crime fascist mandates.

You really want to live with this legacy James Fallon?

Oh wait, I must be suffering from paranoid delusion due to Oppositional Defiancy Disorder for not unconditionally trusting governments and large corporations. Is there a pill for that? I am sure there are many being researched in tandem with each new 'disorder' the DSM can churn out at an industrial level with each passing year. 

Funny thing is, I am proud of being a maverick and I delight in making politicians and CEOs feel uncomfortable. Hey, but that's me. Our state-sanctioned history books are filled with tales eulogising 'free thinkers' and 'radicals' who changed history - then the kids in school are Gaslighted and told 'now you do not become an independent free thinker or a radical!" 

Which is why Science and Scientists can no long be trusted and also why the likes of Richard Dawkins was sent out to create a 'Crusade of Reason'. Dawkins and the Reductionists Mullahs were not championing science, but the corporations and foundations who fund modern science and expect certain result. They issuing Reductionist Fatwahs, while telling you to shut up and let 'Dawkins do the Talkin' on behalf of the corporations and governments who fund most scientific research today, and which is tearing the very fabric of knowledge and discovery asunder in the pursuit of vested interests and politically motivated results.

Science changed dramatically in the 1970s, when the reward structure in the profession began to revolve around the acquisition of massive amounts of taxpayer funding that was external to the normal budgets of the universities and federal laboratories. In climate science, this meant portraying the issue in dire terms, often in alliance with environmental advocacy organisations. Predictably, scientists (and their institutions) became addicted to the wealth, fame, and travel in the front of the airplane:

“A new and rewarding research lifestyle emerged which involved the giving of advice to all types and levels of government, the broadcasting of unchallengeable opinion to the general public, and easy justification for attendance at international conferences—this last in some luxury by normal scientific experience, and at a frequency previously unheard of.”

Thomas Sheridan is the author of the books Puzzling PeopleDefeated Demons and The Anvil of the Psyche: all are considered vital manuals for personal and social survival is a world controlled by lunatics. These books have evolutionasied thousands of people to build a firewall around their own psyche and not to be lured into handing over ones independence to a fake collective. As a result, his NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN philosophy has made Thomas an enemy of powerful media corporations, Fabian political interest groups, mind-controlled death cults and neo-Nazi fringe groups.


  1. Yeah, leave it to the psychopaths to fabricate more lies to justify their sick, twisted murderous genocidal behavior. I'm proud to be a maverick and free thinker also..and the psychopaths "in charge" can kiss my lily white arse! Thanks for posting Thomas-LOVE the red hat and glasses, LOL Julia Passamonti-Colamartino

  2. Interesting that the dramatic change within the Scientic world of the 1970,s ( perhaps not so dramatic, given,as you state,the massive fiscal rewards!) comes head-long,on the tail of the 1960,s! Anyone remember? Straight into Capitalism,The Iron Lady?Punk?

  3. Great article , thanks.