Monday, 14 December 2015

The Most Soulless Psychic Vampires Always Love Christmas


I have been thinking about this issue a lot of late, and as this is the time of year which the most shallow and superficial people seem to adore, I am again asking myself; why do the most soulless people always seem to love the Christmas season the most?

Firstly, we must look at what the Psychic Vampires crave from their targets? It is really very simple, they want their energy. Specifically their emotional energy. 

The easiest method for the psychic vampire (and to a lesser degree the passively pathological Trauma Vampire) procures this emotional energy is by creating hysteria (or being amongst it), displaying passive aggressiveness, and by making others around them as uncomfortable as possible. However, they generally do this by stealth. They feed by making your Christmas - and time off from work - as rotten as possible. Because your festive, paper party hat misery is their real Christmas dinner...

Hysteria unleashes vast amounts of energy in decent people, and which the psychic vampire literally gorges upon. We see this with cults and psychopathic cult leaders creating a 'we are under attack' hysteria within the cult members for feeding and controlling purposes. The same energy unleashing dynamic occurs with the relative/associate of yours who has the most garish Christmas sweater and is making everyone as uncomfortable as possible by demanding 'we all enjoy ourselves!" and you secretly hate to the core of their being, is usually the soulless psychic vampire in the group looking for his or her big Christmas diner. 

In other situations it can be far more sinister. Battered women's shelters often admit women and their children in high numbers during the 'season of goodwill', as dear old dad wanted an extra helping of energy. This is also why soulless psychic vampires make such a big deal about people who may be perfectly happy spending Christmas alone in their own company without the festive bullshit and social pressures. "All alone on Christmas Day, it's soooooo tragic...' TRANSLATION: 'Someone has escaped from the annual Bing Crosby Abattoir and I can not eat their misery'.

The psychic vampire has no 'soul' as such - and by this, I mean, there is no real emotional depth to their personality - in that they can not create or generate their own internal psychic energy, and therefore they need to procure it from others. Christmas time, with all its social and economic pressures, not to mention people who may be going though 'the happiest time of the year' feeling depressed or heartbroken for one reason or another, can be a horrific emotional experience and boy, don't the 'cheer up it's Christmas!' soulless feeders just love your inner turmoil.

I will come out and admit it, I fucking hate Christmas to the core of my being. 

I have no happy memories of it as a child, and this puts me at some disadvantage in criticising the holiday, but my almost innate sense of inner Scroogeness has allowed me some very good honest insights into this festival season. I have long noticed that shallow and superficial people love the entire trappings of Christmas to a near histrionic levels. It energises them into nearly passable human beings as there appears to be some form of life in them that is otherwise absent during the rest of the year. 

This is due to the incredible STRESS which the Christmas season places upon ordinary people, is food to the vampires. They love it. Stand in any shopping mall or busy high street in the run-up to Christmas and try to find a single happy face. The sheer intensity of the commercial madness of the 'season of goodwill' is tearing many people apart at their psychic level.

But then, every so often you will see some pasty-faced, gormless types with big grins on their faces wearing a horrific Christmas sweater who look and are acting like they have a constant intravenous supply of adrenalin being pumped into them. 

They are in a sense. It is the mass of misery around them which feeds these soulless voids their psychic swill. They are akin to psychic carrion pecking the flesh off the people around them who are trying to get a gift some fucker does not need, with money they don't have, because 'it's Christmas and you HAVE to do this...'

Now you know; you are also a well stuffed 'Turkey' this time of year and how the soulless ones, with all their pretend joviality, passive aggressiveness, while doing everything to start a fight and make all around them Festively Miserable, are the ones carving you up and gorging upon your shitty 'happiest time of the year.'.


  1. Hammer blow of stupefaction that willing mind-resets expose their skulls to at the end of every year: you're a creature of habit, a creature of habit - you're a creature - actually, you're just a habit.

  2. Yer fukin right Thomas, I absolutely hate detest loathe XMAS, bollocks to Santa his elves and the fekin reindeer. Tha mass of christ is a load of shite.

  3. Shopping malls and high streets in the run up to Christmas, to me, is what hell looks like. I think I'd rather go to Syria.

  4. I hate it too. I almost didn't decorate this year... but some family really wanted to "reconnect."

    It IS bs... but in a way, it can be kind of lovely, too.

    (I don't use my real name because of propaganda pushing... forgive me.)

  5. In one of those weird coincidences I found this quote a day or two after reading your post. The writer seems to think vampirism is normal, just the way things are. Or am I missing something?

    "The cosmic food-chain is an energy symbiosis, from the plants that feed off the sun to the devas and asuras that feed off the astral emanations of collective human thought. Just as we corral beasts to keep them in their place for our use, and as we sit on the fence and watch them ruminate all day long, we wonder how they can stand to eat all the time; so do the gods and demons corral us in history, and as they sit on the edge, they wonder how we can stand to think all day long. Within our corrals of history they come to stir up our wars and passions, so that we can be fat with the astral emanations that sustain them. Knowing that we are afraid of death, they catch us with its linked opposite, sexuality. Eros is thus the attractive jail-keeper in the prison of Thanatos." — William Irwin Thompson

  6. Diarrhea Slosh Mouth17 December 2015 at 08:50

    Well put Thomas.

    Off topic, but have you seen that documentary about Amy Winehouse called Amy? Her father came off very proto-psychopathic if not a full on psychopath.

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  8. I felt the vey same way until I researched the origins of 'Yule'. I do not feel negative at this time of year now, just more aligned with what it meant to my own ancestors. All the best, SM. PS half way into Walpurgis Night, I will require Vol 2 soon, when is it due to be out?

  9. Like carrion birds, they peck out the eyes and asshole first. Soft targets.

  10. Jeezus fkin krist Thomas!! Just made my Yule Time. The start of; Yule Special 2015 the Velocity of Now. LMFAO. Thanks for that, all the very best as always :)SM.