Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Middle East is Another Waste of Your Time and Energy

The Great Psy-op of the Ages Continues...


If some of you could give the same attention and energy to people in need in your own community that you do for all sides in the Middle East, that would be great.

Beyond compassion for the suffering of ordinary, I don't care about the problems in the Middle East because there is nothing I can do to help. Can you not you are being played into a trap to keep you looking 'over there' constantly so you ignore the problems on your own turf? Where you can do something about it.

This diversion psy-op was invented by the likes of the Rothschild's, Astor's, Vanderbilt's and their fellow Blueblood parasites with the British Israelism movement. It was all about oil, minerals and forming a buffer against Russian Imperialism (sound familiar?). 

These super wealthy aristocrats then 'fired up' religious lunatics to make them believe it was going to bring Jesus back. This is the only reason why some of you are uniquely obsessed with Middle Eastern politics and religious/sectarian conflict to this day. 

Charles Dickens perfectly summed it up with his 'telescopic philanthropy' concept of middle class people obsession over the poor on the other side of the world, but ignoring the horrific poverty of Victorian England among the poor a few miles down the road.

The British aristocrats were having great moral debates about abolishing African Slavery while still shipping Scottish and Irish slaves to the West Indies, and sending 9 year old children down coal mines in Yorkshire and Lancashire. This is a long running scam, and you are still falling for it. Politicians love it because you are not interested in what they are doing (or not doing) in your own country because you are diverting all your energy to a far off land where it comes to nothing.

We can only effectively help those within local reach. Same goes for all nations and peoples everywhere. If you truly believe that sharing images and articles about Israel and Gaza, Syrian and Iraq on social media will remove your Bedroom Tax, stop fracking or prevent the old lady down the street from dying of hypothermia this winter, then by all means you keep doing that. You are giving your politicians three less things for them to do.


  1. I agree help those next to you........and then ripple effect

  2. Excellent points Thomas, and your recent video about Trump/Jones was bang on. Geopolitics is really no different than professional wrestling.

  3. Yep! true words!

  4. Great point. Very well put.

  5. what did you make of the AAA protest this week outside the bank of Ireland? It was all very anti water charges until they moved on to occupy Browne Thomas on Grafton Street, And later the Stephens Green Shopping centre. Those bastions of consumerist decadence and capitalism. Looks like the movement was infiltrated and brought back into the far left fold, As per observations of any new political movement. "What do we want? Prada handbags! When do we want them? Now!"

    1. It was a strange one alright. The BoI part was fine and would have won popular support, but then the weird march on the BT department store. Like as if some infiltrators led them there to ruin the entire protest and make them look nuts.

    2. Yeah I was reminded of your other pieces on re directing popular movements. I should have typed as per "your" observations.


  7. Thank you for this! When I was a kid back in the 70s all I saw were people who reached out to places like Africa and Asia. The poor in the US were, not only ignored, but derided by comments such as "the US has the richest poor in the world." This is a problem even today, with people such as Oprah Winfrey ( the Jeanette MacDonald of her day ) helping African children instead of American children because she feel that they are more appreciative of her help.

    That kind of philanthropy has no meaning for me.