Sunday, 22 December 2013

"Raising Awareness" = The New Slavery?

This conversation today is why I boycott not only events who do not pay speakers a fee and expenses, but also events that do not charge an admission fee. Along with big budget media outlets who do not pay technicians and creative folks for their skills. EVERYBODY deserves to be paid for their work. The days of artists, bands, authors, creative folks and dedicated researchers giving away their hard work and skills in order to 'get exposer' is over as far as I am concerned.

I would like to see the organisers of this event telling a plumber who came to their house that he/she should fix a leaking pipe for free as it will 'spread awareness' about  the plumbing profession.

I've already given away vast amounts of my knowledge, music, art, comedy and insights and help to thousands for free. I can't pay my electric bills with a 'Namaste'. Nor should I, or anyone else be expected to do so. It's not greed, it's basic living survival.


  1. Cheers Thomas. This is the crap that chaps my ass. Powwow promoters on the East Coast do this same bullshit. Why yes Mr./Mrs. powwow promoter, I would love to bring my whole family for the weekend, paying for gas, food and lodging and singing in the heat for 2-3 days for the honor of appearing at your "traditional" powwow. Uh year, Ill get right on that.

  2. what en IDIOT.Established parasite shill. At least writes in past tense. His choice his will. GIMMIE GIMME MIDAS AM I. All I tuouch I turn to gold!. It will stop him when his dothers dies from the same things he professes

  3. Not paying people for their time & hard work is the highest form of rudeness and disrespect. It angers me when I see videos made by institutions and museums where they recommend that young people do voluntary work for a year, so that they get an administrative/project job in the arts; I've done enough of that & it was miserable & got me nowhere. Worst advice these cretins could give & very obnoxious.

  4. Mike, Kyoung, Hi! Thomas, greetíngs to Sligo from regular readers writing in Kerry. We are professional artistes - 25 years supporting ourselves and offspring - been subjected to this treatment repeatedly. Raises our rational rage. Now, yes Mike, we are having to face this . . ."volunteer" paradigm with our unschooled sons. I'd like to know where this concept was initially formulated. Even volunteering has costs which we cannot sustain, especially when some other agency or person stands to gain and we sit in deficit for having tried to go with the presenting grain of things. Have been put under a 'matter-of-fact' pressure recently - glad to read that I'm not the only one resisting this mainframe. Good YuleTide! pangelle

  5. HIGH!

    That's what "they" do: They play on the string that true teachers teach for free. And yes, they do, but that does NOT mean we say, "exploid my knowlegde for free!"


    These fuckers are wicked. They took all the money that is gained by gatherings for themselfs. What is the solution? Its easy: Don't go there! They try to dry us down by not paying us for our work. This is obvious and shows what they are up to. "You are a true teacher? So...just come here for free. If you can't do that, you are not a true teacher, dude!" THAT IS WHAT THEY DO NOW!

    But...anyhow...we don't give in!

    The world is already ours! New age...YES FUCKERS...we run the show and nobody can stop it anyway.

    You want good speakers...real teachers...reals saints?

    Pay their bills!




    ...eternal suffering is yours! (And you have no idea what true suffering is...but I will show you...bastards!

    We relax now and let them do the next step. (Which is: They show their twisted fucked up mind and get BURNED by true and righteous anger.

    It's about DIVIDE...yes...they go this way and WE go elsewhere!

    We relax now and let the fuckers do what fuckers use to do. Not a big deal!


  6. What does AWERENESS mean?

    If you don't know that, your are pretty much fucked up!

    Aware of what?

    Aware of whom?

    Kill the ego (ego meaning=excluding God out)?

    Think about it, dudes!

    What does AWARENESS actually mean?

    Can you have a ride without a car?

    Can anything be done without a vehicle?

    That is "their" trick: To rip you of your soul...your vehicle...your boart...your car....

    Don't forget: There is nothing more wicked than "awareness" (or consciousness) that does not know itself!

    And: It's not about "becoming" or "experience"! It's about remembering and knowing yourself (not knowledge!).

    And once you know it, you know it!

    There is nothing more dangerous than honest rage, true tenderness in company with intellect and passion (for thruth...which is true emotion...deep feelings...and....positive vibration!...)

    Could everybody please learn to read a signature?!

    Would you please just LOOK and HEAR and FEEL and KNOW what is been said and done?!

  7. ONE last "thing" from up above:

    RELAX! Just relax! RELAX!

    "Nothing" can do you any harm! Never ever! If anything bothers you, it's just an artificial "nice try". It's just a fraud. It's just...well...plain nothing!...a fake "light"...

    About 30 ago I was iniciated by Mohammed (on an LDS-trip). It blew my mind...seriously...all the beyond belief....NOW I know what he was telling me...years I DO know...and it is so freaking awesome...just like it was years ago...but I did not know what it meant!...It was just too beautiful withkout being meaningfull...and wow...THANK YOU LORD!....

    20 years later I got some of that kind of information was WOW!. again...but I didn't overstand the message was just too WOW....but now I KNOW....

    It was like the (divine) hammer was always there but it took some more "strange" experiences to nail me. BUT NOW I KNOW!

    I can write a book about it!

    You do not wake up untill God himself shits on your head....literally...

  8. It's as easy like this:



    ...fuck you!



    ...fuck you (and don't think "fuck you" means something that is related to any kind of pleasure!)



    (You will pay for your sins!...Fuck you, if you don't want to pay! And don't think that "fuck you" means anything that is related to pleasure at all!)


    Here are my conditions, dudes...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    ....I don't use that word anymore!

  9. You are on your trip to nowhere...(fake) order ever you wanna call it, dudes (and dudesesses)...that was it!

    Fly high!


    SAY HIGH TO THE (real) NEW ORDER! (But you can't do it because you are....well...far too even recognize what actually is going on...sorry!)

    You are are are out of just fade are are of the are on the ship with no made your descisions long are...what you are...and that's what your are :::ha-ha-ha....far, far. far....too far from being even close to be a you try!