Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Is Suburban USA Already Transhuman?

No offence to my lovely US friends - who are all switched on folks - but more and more I am starting to believe that the 'mainstream/suburban' USA society is already a re-engineered Transhumanist new species. 
It seems that emotions and desires are now fully programmed, and most of them are now Corporatist Robots. Responding exclusively to the stimuli provided by mass media. Bernays, Watson and Pavlov would be proud.

Look at the smiles and giggles of people who have their friends and family members murdered in mass shootings and 'terror' attacks. Real emotions and inclinations are not natural any more to these people. They have been 'altered' by everything from SSRIs, GMO Soy, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Oprah, Family Guy and on to Hallmark chemical induced superficiality. Common Core will soon complete the job with the next generation.

Yet these suburban Americans who smile and giggle in the spotlight when close family members are murdered, will often be in convulsions of hysterical sobbing and grief when a Hollywood celebrity such as Robin Williams dies. Even to the point of validating their intense manufactured outpouring of media-induced emotional frenzy through a sign-language gorilla who probably just wants to enjoy a banana in the freedom of the fucking jungle!

It is not their fault, and I am seeing the same happen now in Europe - especially in Scandinavia - so we are no position to look down on anyone. As our own possible human alteration is fast approaching. There is no hope for the human race to get up off its knees. No 100th monkey - crying over Robin Williams or otherwise. No mass awakening. 

Rather, we, the uncooperative lab rats, can only jump out the cage and flee the Corporatist mad scientist's laboratory.

You can only save your own ass. There are no gurus. No political solution. No aliens, comet clusters or ascension to a higher vibration going to fix this shit. It's over. This is not negativity, knowing the world is fucked. This presents freedom for PERSONAL salvation and liberation. 

Hold to that which is real and return to the psyche of your ancestors. It's the only option left for a meaningful life still open to us. Then create your own personal outpost of sanity within your psyche with skills, art and joy.

Thomas Sheridan will be speaking in Manchester 14 th Sept, St Anne's: New Horizons, 15th Sept, Marcos Cafe Hebden Bridge 16 th Sept and Hull on Thursday 17th Sept.


  1. I'd rather pay $2-$3 for a good donut, cake, croissant, or crepe and have no line.

  2. I did one like this awhile back:

  3. Can you please be more specific about your England gigs?
    Are you going to be giving us full details soon?