Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bad Dream of Martial Law in Dublin

Firstly, let me begin by stating that because of this dream I had last night, I am not proposing it is a prophetic dream. 

Yes I have had dreams in the past which manifested in reality, but the imagery was always highly symbolic and never as specific as this dream last night. This 'Dublin Under EU Martial Law' dream was literally, very literal for me in fact. This is why I feel it might be noteworthy to share. Please forgive the quick. very crude jottings I made as soon as I woke up (around 3 AM) - I was half asleep and in semi darkness but you'll get an idea. I am not an individual given to paranoia, but I am aware that our comforts and peaceful lives can evaporate very quickly when a major crisis unfolds. I have no idea what triggered this very specific dream, I'll leave that to you to decipher.

The dream began with me inside a book shop on Parnell Street in Dublin across from the Rotundra (where I was born) demanding to know why my books were being banned and removed from the shelves by the nervous, but apologetic shop manager. Angered, I went out of the building and noticed an armoured personnel carrier filled with 'Eastern European' troops heading in the direction of the city centre. All the public transport in the city centre had ceased, main roads blocked and there was no way out.

As I walked towards O'Connell Street, I was passed by a group of about 50 hard and rowdy looking lads who appeared to be chanting similar to soccer supporters. More military vehicles passed me filled with more non-Irish troops. 

When I got to the Parnell Monument is was like a war zone in and around the area. People were running away from tracer bullets being fired at them from the eastern end of the street heading towards Summerhill. Tear gas and rubber bullets were also being used. All around were nasty looking military personnel in an agitated state. Helicopter gunships with foreign insignias on them filled the sky.

I took videos with my camera and my phone but could not upload them to the Internet as the wi-fi and all communications networks were down. I eventually found a civilian who seemed to be in charge of the troops, and he was also under intense pressure. I demanded to know what the hell foreign troops were doing in the city centre and he explained he was a 'EU Liaison Officer' and it was 'all for the best'. When I asked him where the Irish Defence Forces are he replied, 'they are on leave'. Then I woke up.


  1. I thought it was just myself having these reoccurring dream of Ireland, and the world falling into a time of chaos. I see it happening almost overnight in my dream, no warning. At first there is a calm in that people cannot seem to comprehend the enormity of what is about to happen. I keep seeing night time, a lights in the sky moving about, searching. I sense a feeling of cold and darkness. I keep feeling a sense of people disappearing after the lights and chaos and then the quietness. No life in the cities or towns. Hiding and living in a small group. Its less visual in my dreams and more feelings I am left with.

  2. This is one time I'll say "I hope your dreams don't come true Thomas". Your dream is about a very overt and obvious type of control. But maybe it's reflecting the reality of the situation where everyone's actually being controlled covertly and they don't realize it.

    Did you know that when someone takes an opiate then they're more open to suggestion and easier to control. The wheat that we consume today was engineered in the 60's to react with the opiate receptors in our brains when it is digested. This makes it easier for them to control us.

    Please youtube Wheatbelly by Dr.William Davis for the facts.

  3. All these bigshots have access to each other's slaves and resources.

  4. All these bigshots and mafia men provide access to each others country's slaves and resources.

  5. This looks like an awoken nation of Ireland needing to be suppressed. The domestic politicians are finally ont he people's side.

  6. Thomas, you are not the only one having these kind of dreams. I have been having this kind of dream for a long time now, and the occurance of them is increasing.