Thursday, 21 November 2013

The IMF is a Death Cult

This revelation came to me reading the following paragraph by Nick Cohen in the Guardian/Observer newspaper dated June 3, 2012:

'Madame Lagarde told Greek parents who were scrambling through rubbish tips to find food for their families that she had more sympathy for the children of sub-Saharan Africa. Having unburdened herself of the oafish thought that suffering is a competition in which the poorest can be used as a weapon against the poor, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund added: "I think they should also help themselves collectively. By all paying their tax."'

The language used by this woman - who demonstrates highly psychopathic thinking - along with her pathological ideas are precisely the same kind 'rationale' cult leaders utilise to silence their mind controlled slaves when things do not go well, or predictions which the cult leader made have failed to materialise. 

"You were not letting in the correct cosmic energies..." - "you can help by paying your tax...." = same mindset. 

Cults often come with concepts of 'servitude' in the guise of buzzwords and terms such as 'Service to All' and "Service to the One' and yet here is the leathered skinned Madame Lagarde eulogising such ideals upon the people of Greece. It is THEIR fault they are suffering due to their lack of faith in the IMF Church. Not the bankers, politicians, financial regulators, multinational corporations or bureaucrats. No. The impoverished Greeks need to show more devotion to the creed of the IMF and pay more taxes and be thankful they haven't been starved to death like the Sub-Sahara Africans have been by IMF policies! 

Clearly we are dealing with the warped theology of a cult, using and altering reality - via gaslighting - to justify their own actions while keeping their mind controlled slaves trapped within the cult.

If one reads the proclamations given by Irish politicians, senior civil servants and journalists (all the same entity essentially) that we Irish are being looked upon as 'favoured' by the International Monetary Fund for meeting our fiscal targets and paying all the extra taxes foisted upon us, it is precisely how a brainwashed cult member talks about their leader. "The leader says I am the special one!" 

The nauseating quislings of the Irish establishment along with their increasing gushing devotion to the IMF mandates begin to make more sense when viewed in this light. They are basically brainwashed cult members of a Financial (and very literal) Death Cult called the International Monetary Fund. Even more surreal is that Irish journalists occasionally issue smug commentaries based on the notion that Ireland can pay its debt more effectively than the Portuguese, as if this is a glorious patriotic achievement. 

SP's = Suppressed Portuguese? Maybe the Greeks are not letting in the right cosmic vibrations from the Troika Dimension...?

Psychopaths and Lunatics Running the Show Folks...Psychopaths and Lunatics.


  1. I am sick of hearing how good Ireland is at paying its debt. As if we are supposed to jump for joy with their patronising pat on the head bullshit. We must come across as the most easily controlled slaves in Europe.

  2. Again and again you come up with the goods and get right to the heart of the matter.

  3. Hello M. Sheridan - Regarding Greece, I tend to think it all goes back to WWII. I no longer sneer at the Greek's fate. Lagarde's patronizing is insufferable in light of the historical facts - i.e. that Germany plundered and ruined Greece, a small, prosperous little country on the rise at the time, and got away with plunder and murder, and now demands "austerity" - the right for its superior and squeaky-clean companies to buy up Greece for cheap.
    I believe a lot of the current insanity stems from "compromises" in the post-war period - compromises with "the devil".The following is in French, from a left-wing site, based on the work of a left-wing German historian - I don't really care, it is mostly the truth.
    The same happened to other countries in various ways such as Spain and Portugal. In France, that was greatly facilitated by the treason of (part of) the financial-economic, administrative and political elite. As a French citizen (living abroad), I can't stand most of the current political French elite. Sorry for the ranting... take care and thank you for your work.