Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Lords of Perception: Major New Thomas Sheridan Interview

Lifting the Veil Presents 'The Lords of Perception' an interview with Thomas Sheridan. So many of the people that tread upon this planet follow pop culture and are completely influenced by it. To what degree do the actions of these popular 'lords' affect us? What do we need to sit down and reevaluate about what we feed our brains, our vision? Join us as we discuss 'The Lord's of Perception'.


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  1. I must say that you are very impressive on the radio. and although many people draw incorrect conclusions from your writing simply due to their own preconceived biases, it seems to me that you are MUCH better spoken than written. it isn't that you're unclear, but that your writing style tends to warp speed over things that you take better time to develop more clearly when you're on the radio.

    I think a lot of the crank comments you get here would lessen if you attempted to write more as you speak. you're the soul of reason 'live', but too many threads are being woven too fast on the page together for the un-initiated to grasp.

    please take this comment in the spirit in which it is intended. granted, we'd all like our writing to 'sparkle' and sound uniquely like us, but if the intention is to inform, then one must take pains to elucidate the thought processes a bit more. and your thought processes, as revealed on the shows you're invited on, are worth trying on for size.