Thursday, 10 July 2014

Israel, You Disgust Me

Hello Israel. How are you doing? Spending wisely all the billions you extract out of the Americans and Germans with your Holocaust Museums designed to guilt people - who had nothing to do with the crimes - into handing you money for the old Shoah-business? I am sure the millions who died in the Holocaust would approve of them being turned into a military cash cow all these decades later. Not.

Oh, so I am an anti-Semite now, am I? 

With Jews I love in my own family circle, I would love to see the ADL and the stately home socialists of Cambridge SWP Anti-Nazi League make that one stick. You disgust me and there is no way around it. Russell Brand won't call you out for what you are in these terms, but I will. I am not shagging his City of London Goldsmith girlfriend, so I never have to worry about making her Rothschild banking in-laws uncomfortable at the dinner table, and I never want a job with the BBC or Hollywood, and so calling Israel out on this won't affect me the way it would affect Our Russ. Isn't that so TREWS?

But back to Israel and away from Jesus. 

I have met and known so many decent people from Israel. Many were not happy about their nation being turned into the 'Vinny the Hitman' of the Middle East looking after the Bush family 'Big Oil' interests, minerals trade, and all the wonderful and lucrative phosphates that Monsanto need for their future GMO mega farms. I can't for the life of me see how ordinary, decent Israeli folks could be comfortable with what their government and military are currently doing in Gaza right now. I know some of them do speak up, and for that they have our respect. I also know that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where a Gay person can openly be homosexual without being hanged off a construction crane. 

However, Israel, you still disgust me.

Being a decent nation requires more than being liberal and progressive. Prior to this, I never bothered to get on the 'Israel is bad' bus, mainly because the average anti-Israeli in my part of the world is some Sinn Fein Skanger in a Celtic jersey with four teeth in its head. The only people waving Israeli flags on this island are in-bred Orangemen - the other flies on that Irish 'Traditional' dog turd - who would give the KKK a run for their money.

The final straw for me was watching these memes posted on my Facebook news feed by ignorant and FOXNews saturated Americans pining for the 1 million Israeli civilians currently huddled in bomb shelters while stones and souped-up fire crackers are launched into their general direction. Poor Israelis! They do not have the 'shelter' of a child in Gaza sprinting for the final micro-seconds of his or her life from an F16 dropping a smart bomb on any building which looks a little bit suspect. 

Israel, you disgust me, and there is no getting around it. 

I do not care if I end up on a Mossad watch list, and never allowed to enter into the USA ever again, as the NSA will probably list me as a 'terrorist' for calling Israel out. I just do not care. The NSA and FOXNews also disgust me. As do the Arab League Nations who are more obsessed with oppression of their own people than having any compassion for the people of Gaza. I am not taking sides with anything other than Human Decency; something that the Governments representing the  'People of Books' in the Middle East all seem to have a major problem with when defending their own brand of Abrahamic dogma.

Himmler's Baby, created by the Transfer Agreement, has grown up to be the child Hitler and Eva Braun would have always wanted. There was a time when I respected Israel for standing up against the Arab League aggression in the 1967 War and winning a fair and square decisive military victory against a viciously hostile and aggressive coalition. But I do not respect Israel now. The kidnapping and evil murders of the three Israeli teens near Hebron was indeed revolting and bestial. But this does not justify this kind of revolting and bestial technological-military response. Only the guilty are to be punished and not the collectively 'guilty' - that's fascism.

The 'Miracle' of Israel is American Money and Bible-Belt Christian Stupidity. MORE HERE >>>


  1. bit of a muddled pot pourri of false dichotomies ... but yes israel is disgusting .

  2. Preach on brother.Light that candle in the darkness.

  3. Ironic that Israel exists because of the Nazi's and is now lead by AshkaNAZI jews who's forefathers never set one foot in Israel because they origanally came from east Turkey...
    Israel is just a front for a devide and conquer tactic from the Nato allies...

  4. Thank you Thomas for having the Guts to Speak out against the Genocide being Conducted by Netanyahu's Occupying Israeli Military. This is Extermination at its most horrific. Ireland's Occupation by the British was Evil, but what is happening in Palestine is an Extinction of a people. Palestinians have No Rights, have very Limited access to water, limited access to Medical Supplies, They have had their Schools, Hospitals Bombed, Sewerage runs through the streets and there isn't enough food for the Palestinians trapped in an Open Air Prison. Thank you again for speaking out. We must try and stop the Mass Murder.


    1. How right you are. It's a really sad state of affairs we are living in, everything is backwards. So much importance is place on the insignificant things in this world nothing seems really anymore. Take for instance what's happening in Gaza If the majority of the (brainwashed) people weren't so desensitised by the things they see on television every day and the computer games they play or the propaganda they here on a daily basis I’m sure a lot more people would be angry by what they see happening in Gaza and anywhere else in the world where people are being massacred. This is the controller’s agenda. I read an article today on about a the secret handbook that helps Israel twist the BBC round its little finger These people will stop at nothing. Please download this information share it with as many people as you can. People need to know the truth. God Bless Palestine and all our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering at the hands of Tyrants.

  6. Why must one be in fear when talking about Israel? Talk about playing hard ball - dirty, and dishonestly.

  7. Quote: '...the average anti-Israeli in my part of the world is some Sinn Fein Skanger in a Celtic jersey with four teeth in its head'.... Excuse you Mr. Sheridan!

  8. Very good. It's back to the future. In ancient Gaul, the most feared enemy was not the horde of battle ready skangers skulls on their heads and battle axes at the ready.

    It was the bards calling for satire.

  9. Thomas, Sinn Fein are no longer in the bombing business as it only led to suffering .Israel is still just counting the bodies .Three Israelis are worth one hundred Palestinians and that is 33to1 ,It usually ends around 50 to 1and Israel will be happy with this ratio of retribution as it lets Palestinians know that one Israeli can rule over any fifty Palestinians ,man woman or child, dead or alive .The Israelis very efficient at killing and the Palestinians are just brutal at slaughtering because Israelis' are fifty times smarter than Palestinians and that seems fair doesn't it ?

  10. Thomas when are you going to realise the Israelis were never under attack from the Arab League, Israel started the six day war as a pretext to annex land that didn't belong to them. You of all people should do your research Israel conquered the Gaza strip and the Sinia Peninsula in what was called the Sinai campaign the war lasted from October 29 to November 5. Israel suffered 171 casualities, and the Egyptians lost between two and three thousand men. Israel captured 6,000 POWs and the Egyptians captured four Israelis. All this from a nation that claims to be the victim.

  11. Please query online: Zionist Massacres in 1948: New Evidence - deiryassin org
    Zionist historian and former IDF archivist Aryeh Yitzhaki details the numerous attacks, rapes and massacres committed in villages of true Semites indigenous to Palestine - The Palestinians - during the Zionist's so-called 'war of independence'.
    Zionist Terrorist Organizations responsible were the IZL and LEHI led by Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. Villages with names such as Qira and Sorona wiped from the landscape by the invading Marxist Terrorists. Read The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler

  12. Moshe Dayan, former Zionist 'Defense Minister' and Haganah Terrorist, 1969: "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population."
    The Zionist aim has always been to wipe Palestine from history and pretend there are no Palestinians.

  13. During the 1948 Illegal Invasion of Palestine the Jewish settlers had an armed malitia of 40,000 men, The Palestinians on the other hand were un-armed and defensless they had no fighting force. During the first year of this illegal invasion the Israelis engaged in a massive campaign of brutal and torturous ethnic cleansing.

  14. " There was a time when I respected Israel for standing up against the Arab League aggression in the 1967 War and winning a fair and square decisive military victory against a viciously hostile and aggressive coalition". Thomas Sherridan

    I hope you realise now the respect you had for the Israeli Army during the six day war was based on lies. How could you ever respect the Israeli Army they are a bunch of murdering, vicious, brutal thugs who raped, pillaged and destroyed a nation shame on you Thomas, get your facts straight before you make yourself look like an idiot. Read the Generals son by Miko Peled this guy had inside information on the Israeli army's archives of the Six Day War his father was a general during the conflict. Please make sure in future you have all your facts straight before you tell such blatant lies about the Six Day War. I hope you will address this matter people need to know the truth.

  15. Those people are worse than animals and those children are going to grow up like their evil pyschotic bastard parents. Nice one Israel the whole world can see what a Evil Sadistic Cunt you really are.

    "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." Jesus Christ Revelation 2:9


    Yet the killing still goes on this just goes to prove that all those Western leaders who are backing Israel's right to devend itself is a load of bullshit. Like I've said before this was probably done by the Israelis themselves just another false flag to add to their list.


    More Israeli propaganda just goes to show how lows these fuckers are willing to go

    the Hard Heart STW. I am neither a Muslim nor a Jew I am a human being that loves God above all else and I am grateful to Him for giving me a heart that sees.

  19. Pink Floyd -Song For Palestine