Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Occult Radio - The Science and the Sorcery

As I described in detail within the pages of my new book Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919-1933, the year 1919 was a pivotal time in the history of the human experience, and more importantly, the human collective consciousness. It was the point following the 'War to End all Wars' when the various social, political and even powerful occult forces made their move to change humanity in accordance with the Will of the aristocratic circles. 

Occult societies such as the Golden Dawn, and the Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley, imposed their own magical influence upon the Irish struggle for independence, while at the same time, the incredibly powerful Thule Society were performing magical rituals and running guns from the Four Seasons Hotel in Munich in order to manifest the several decades-old spell of creating the Fraja Christus who would save Germany; a prediction which had been made by German artists and instinctual magicians such as the composer Richard Wagner and which came to pass when a young Austrian named Adolf Hitler walked into a pub on The Tal in central Munich and delivered a speech which literally spellbound members of the early German Workers Party (later to become the National Socialists). The Black Hand of Serbia was another secretive group mixing ritual with revolution during these turbulent times, as were The Society of Druids which contained no less a member than the aristocratic 'Butcher of Dresden' himself; Winston Churchill.

The world of technology during this same period was also more akin to a magical secret society than a scientific field of study. Publications such as The Electrical Experiment closely resembled books of magical spells and alchemical experiments, using the electron as their force of Will. The graphics and terminology contained within these radio engineering books and publications in and around 1919 portrayed the leaders within the field of radio in terms more suited to great magicians and warlocks than cold, rational scientists.

The reason for this was both simple and surprising; the majority of the advances within the development of early radio technology came almost exclusively from designing and developing machines to communicate with 'spirits'. The crystal radio receiver came directly out of this magical desire, as did the vacuum tube and later the cathode ray tube. Scientists and radio hobbyists - who also enjoyed membership of spiritualist societies - were frantically developing machines to communicate with the 'spirits' into the late hours. 

The Electro Genie in the Vacuum Bottle

What drove these men to frantically, and with almost religious zeal, want to make communication with other entities to the point where the vacuum radio tube became a kind of genie (Djinn) trapped within a sealed bottle? This was also the time of the development of the electronic schematic diagram, which resembled, and still does to this day, a magical sigil which revolutionised the design of circuits and electronic components. 

More disturbingly, were these entities beyond human experience somehow 'possessing' these early radio experimenters with the aim of clandestinely teaching them how to bring these entities of 'smokeless fire' into our reality? 

Is the Transhumanism movement of today in actuality being driven by the same non-human desires to enter into our world via the technology these 'spirits' are overseeing and constantly improving upon for their own benefit? Mistakenly assumed by its proponents to be merging man with the machine in order to achieve immortality? Or is it a case where the genie wants out of the bottle, and thus the Singularity is the final cross-over into our world and not the other way around? What of projects such as CERN or SETI? Are there risk factors associated with human consciousness and behaviour associated with 'deep' research into the fringes of the electromagnetic spectrum and beyond?

If non-human conciousness does exist and is hostile to humanity - as all our collective ancestors have warned - are advances in technology - and even pharmacology - supplying these 'clockwork elves' with a beachhead in order to invade our reality? Certainly, this is wild speculation I'll admit, and indeed the stuff of great science-fiction. But still, there is much we have yet to learn about consciousness and how technology alters it.

Will what began as Radio Scrying back at the turn of the 20th century eventually lead to the 'demons of the mind' becoming manifest?


  1. Youre actually a very good writer and it was also very interesting :)

  2. Very interesting cutting about meeting Tesla. Good to hear that he had a good diet!

    Slightly off-topic; in your new Red Ice interview you referred to Chernobyl and said "without being a Luddite".
    The Luddites opposed the inappropriate use of technology, not technology itself.
    This is a very important definition that has been changed over the years, much like anarchy and magic etc.
    It's worth reading up about the Luddites, they used some very creative methods to scare the heck out of their ruthless controllers, but ultimately failed due to coming up against psychopathic-type violence.



  3. Comment for your HOW TO CAPTURE A DEMON video. In Kenneth Anger's Invocation of my Demon Brother film, Mick Jagger almost sounds like he's doing a slowed down "cover version" of the sound you captured..