Monday, 7 July 2014

Amnesty International's Selective Myopia

We in the Alternative scene are the real Human Rights movement in the world today.

Amnesty International is basically an elite diversion factory designed to condition people in the West to believe that the only places where horrific abuses of human rights and sadistic depravity take place is in 'foreign' cultures far, far away. This tactic ensures that the powerful psychopaths and paedophiles within our 'civilised' democratic homelands remain undetected by the general public.

Take Amnesty International Ireland for instance, forever saturated in typically multicultural Middle-Class mode, ignoring the horror of the Tuam Septic Tank Babies until the story went mainstream in favour of their usual Cultural Marxist/Globalist agenda. 

The first time Amnesty International took a real interest in Ireland was on the eve of the economic boom here, when they released endless policy documents on how Ireland was a country filled with racists, and the only cure for this was more immigrants from non-European nations. This social engineering policy of the organisation is repeated all over Europe and in particular, within English-speaking nations. All the while, their celebrity spokespeople in the UK said nothing of the abuses of British children at the hands of BBC celebrities and elected politicians such as Cyril Smith. Abuses that most of Amnesty International's British celebrities were fully or partially aware of. 'Hey guys, look over here! In Burma, things are really bad!"

In terms of human rights abuses upon citizens of Western democracies by their own elite, Amnesty International has always lacked a pro-active approach, preferring instead to pontificate sanctimoniously after the horrors have come to light. In response to human rights violations within Western democracies, their commentaries come with a barrage of Cultural Marxists' bait n' switch, while blaming the indigenous cultures/peoples of Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Italy and so on, and never exposing the almost unimaginable depravity and criminality of the elites of these countries.

Amnesty International was founded by the British lawyer Peter Benenson in 1961. Benenson was personally tutored by Wystan Hugh Auden, who was instrumental within the New School of Social Policy in New York, which sought to incorporate the philosophy of the Frankfurt School into American society. Amnesty International was designed as, and remains to this day, a policy formulation think-tank operating under the guise of a Human Rights organisation. Closely connected and heavily funded by the elites of Western governments, the organisation has a vested interest in turning a blind eye towards human rights violations committed by top-ranking politicians, media and business people within Western democracies.

Simon Cowell, who bailed out the BBC paedophile DJ Jonathan King, supporting Amnesty International. No human rights for victims of BBC paedophiles it would seem...

(no, not Our Russ)

While I have to contend (right up until last week) with comments such as 'Thomas Sheridan has zero proof that Jimmy Savile was a killer', Amnesty International go about their merry way pointing towards crimes committed by foreign governments in foreign lands and ridiculing all attempts at exposing the hidden depravity of Western politicians and public figures as 'conspiracy theories'. 

Recently, Amnesty International requested that Prince Charles make a statement concerning the Human Rights of homosexuals in Saudi Arabia, which is all good and well. However, do not expect Amnesty International to make a statement about this bullshit above.

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  1. Always professional distraction by the highly educated dullards. Never looking at the aboriginals here that have been subject to degenerate abuse by outside agents for millenia. Now we have bred ourselves out "mission accomplished". As I said at my shop a little while back. "Go tell the Etruscans".

  2. Sadly I'm not allowed to comment on your facebook feed Thomas. So I'll say it here: This article is spot-on. In fact, almost any so-called 'Humanitarian' organisation in the Western World - all well-funded with a slick brand, of course - is a diversion. It gives idealistic, well-meaning young Westerners a place to direct their efforts without causing the true criminals at home any discomfort.

  3. Thomas, You are not alone in your assertions. There is a massive international cover-up, Google searches, websites, blogs all being censored, deleted, etc. So much information is coming out now with more and more victims coming forward to testify to the Common Law Court ( in Brussels. A source in the Garda confirmed to the Court that forensic evidence in Tuam shows that babies were dismembered. I personally believe Savile was involved with a very wide network. This is just the tip of the iceberg and the truth needs to come out!

  4. I support your exposing and combating this evil we are all vulnerable to, but what do you
    use to protect yourself, spiritually? Surely you don't rely solely on just yourself.
    What Thomas Sheridan do you believe in? The closer you get to these forces the
    more you will realize you need protection that you yourself will be unable to provide
    without becoming a victim of it.
    Beware don't fight evil to hard lest you become it yourself.

  5. They send me massive flyers, booklets, and brochures telling me to send them money. And when I don't sign up for their membership they keep sending me more anyways. it never stops. I think they blow about $50 just on mailers on me (postage and print costs). The other great offender was They would send thick booklets (think yellow pages here!) and mailers many times a month! The paper use was incredible for a green organization! Those poor forests. It never occurred for them to use email.

  6. Hey, Thomas - slightly off topic here, but don't know where else to place this remark of heart felt approbation regarding your comments re. Jimmy Saville.

    In light of some of your recent radio interviews, I have just re-watched 'When Louis [Theroux] met Jimmy...' very carefully, and it is LITTERED with innuendos and asides concerning Saville's real nature. Littered with them. Obviously, Theroux was either in on the act or else he knew well what Saville was really about years before the publiv via MMMedia got whiff of anything. (Theroux very much is, after all, a member of the upper-elite as any casual check on his biog. will reveal.)

    Truly stomach churning stuff - for one example, check out the well placed banner on Saville's bed (that the camera dwells on for a long instant) in the cruise ship cabin saying: 'For Baggage Only'. Who's the baggage, I wonder??

    Anyhoos, great insights and love your posts!