Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Selected by the Royals for 'Special' Reasons

How many film and pop stars do we see bowing before Royals? Not just the British royals. These celebs are lining up to be seen and gain favours with the Dutch and other powerful royals. Celebrity and royal command go hand in hand, it would seem.

I have no doubt that a deal is somehow struck. However, the celebrity may not be aware of the deal.

Royals, being incestuous psychopathic bloodlines, retain grudges for centuries. Say, for instance, your ancestor mocked a prince in Prussia 400 years ago. It may have been something minor (in their eyes) - such as raping a chambermaid - that the Prussian prince wanted for his own sport. It may have been an ancestor of yours cheating at a polo match, or gloating over their victory too enthusiastically. 

The Prussian prince has been dishonoured by your ancestor. It goes into a book which the Royal bloodline passes on from generation to generation over the centuries. The account remains 'open' until honour is restored. This explains why they are obsessed with bloodlines. The family trees are noted and kept alongside this book of Royal, shall we say, 'grievances'.

400 years later, and with mediocre talent, you find yourself rising to the level of major success and stardom in movies, TV or pop music. You are now in an elite club and hob-nobbing with the Royals. 

They like you... Then you find there is another secret world among the 'Royally Approved', where your perversions and addictions are catered to. Safe from police investigations, and even the media will not report on you and what you are up to. 

Why, you are practically living like Royalty yourself now!

But all the time the Royals know that your ancestor's account with them is still open. In the meantime, they elevate your public profile even further. They will build you up into a celebrity spokesperson for some charity or cause. 

You are such a great guy! 

Rich, famous, a well admired altruist and you can get away with your illegal filth in secret. 

Your narcissism reaches near-nuclear levels. You are living like a prince now, with all the Royal privilege. They will even validate this with an MBE, OBE or a Knighthood. 

You are unstoppable! 

A comfortable retirement now awaits to enjoy the love of the people and the protection of your new Royal friends.

Then one day, when you are least expecting it, a leaf from a yew tree is blown up against your front door...and the 400 year old account is finally settled.

Thomas Sheridan is the author of the Walpurgis Night series of books


  1. Who next to keep the spotlight on the seventies and away from the Lords, MPs, Police Officers and senior BBC staff?

    1. Will never happen Paul. The likes of Rolf Harris are fall guys from the main monsters.

  2. Great article as always Thomas. It really took me back upon reading the headline about Rolf Harris about how he could die in prison. Things have really changed in the last 20 years Since when does the mercy for an old man outweigh the innocence of children!
    Idk, seems odd and in a sense like they were almost pleading to the masses with all his qualifiers "Entertainer, Artist" as if these things alone are a "Get out of Jail Free card." Who cares if the fucker dies in Prison! He's lucky a mob didn't lynch him cut his dick off letting him die of a slow death bleeding through the large vein in his penis, and maybe they would have if people cared more about children and protecting them.

  3. They've sacrificed yet another popular icon and are trying yet again to pass institutionalised satanism off as as some kind of sexual proclivity peculiar to 1970s TV presenters. Does this mean they are rattled? I'd certainly like to think so

  4. That's a very interesting way of carrying a grudge, leave it up to them to take evil back to the future.