Thursday, 26 June 2014

Jimmy Savile: Re-Open the 'Yorkshire' Ripper Case NOW

I am not one to gloat over being right about a news story concerning something so horrific. However, the British media and establishment - which is the same entity - are finally letting it out of the bag -  just how monstrous this creature was. 

However, it goes much much deeper. Hence, why we keep the subject going and why we must demand a reopening of the so called 'Yorkshire' ripper case of the 1970's. 

Yes this is a Real Book Jimmy Savile Wrote in the 1980's

and so is this.


  1. I never thought the tape send to the Police was from The Ripper, it was not a Geordie or Northumbrian accent. The whole of Northumberland must have thought the same.

  2. I also saw this in the news yesterday: "The Health Minister says he is "very concerned" about the possibility of Irish victims of Jimmy Savile". In case you missed it here is the link to the article :

  3. Thomas..ya right about alot of stuff..especially Saville..he killed for sure..maybe dozens..we will never know..the entire elite he serviced is one of blood n death! A few chinks of light in there but otherwise death! Ya psycopath info is years ahead!
    Keep it up..its all ripples!!

  4. I was a kid in the 70s and always found it confusing how everyone thought he was great as, even as a child watching kids programmes with him on, I saw him as a very strange creepy man and not at all entertaining.

  5. I think you are bang with this Thomas and imagine he is potentially the UK's biggest serial killer as he would not have stopped his spree from when he began which must be very early on imo. There needs to a reopening of his movements and all subsequent murders or missing people?

    Why have they drip fed us this info after his death and what do you think it is leading to?

  6. They get a kick out of it don't they(psychos), those books must have given him a thrill to be right in plain sight yet not detected as a monster.

  7. Let's notvforhet who decides what we read in the papers and what happens to journos who threaten to break the rules. So yes, why are we being drip fed all of this now. What are they trying to direct our attention away from?

  8. I have heard there is possibly another 12' above 33' and if ever someone fitted the bill it has to be occultist SaVile (buried at 45') born the day freemason Houdini died..could they have evoked his spirit?

    Don't let people steal your thunder on this one Thomas..