Monday, 14 July 2014

Good Vibrations Podcast with Mark Devlin


  1. What you are describing Thomas is normopathy A psychiatrist friend of mine called them normopaths, and is the term that describes people who think they are quite normal, they have no sense of comparative psycho-pathologies, and everybody else has to take their norm from them. They do more harm than the any of the other illnesses that infect man.

  2. How about a Sheridan and Icke frontal attack on the UK establishment pedo's?

  3. Hi Thomas,

    Another great interview.

    Just one point of correction, the Brand/Ross radio show didn't go out live. It was recorded and passed BBC editorial control -

    Which makes the whole thing even more fishier.

    It seems Lesley Douglas's career didn't suffer that much.

    1. Oh that is indeed even more stinky Steve - thanks for this important correction.

    2. Did Russ listen to this interview?

      Sorry to do this to you, he released this yesterday:

      Our Russ explains away "Conspiracy Theories." We've no way of knowing, apparently.