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Rochdale, the Real Reason for the 1990 'Satanic Panic'

Buried away in the regional websites of the BBC comes a very significant story related to the late MP, and sex predator associate of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, which is a powerful insight into demonstrating the danger Savile and his 6-6-6 Network (named after the motorways in that part of England where he preyed and murdered along with Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe) posed to anybody who got in their way. As is typical with cults, the cult leader either threatens or attempts to destroy anyone who he or she perceives as being a danger to the cult. In the case of sex killer Jimmy Savile and his powerful coven, this could result in negative repercussions for an entire community. 

In 1970, Rochdale detectives were investigating sex abuse allegations made by eight young boys, six of whom who had been staying at the privately-run Cambridge House care home in Rochdale. The home closed in 1965, prior to Smith's election as a Liberal MP for Rochdale. In the BBC Manchester report, dated today, July 16th,  a high-ranking 'friend' of Cyril Smith tried to ward off police from investigating claims that he had been sexually abusing boys. According to a senior detective investigating the case concerning claims against Smith, the 'friend' was making "veiled threats" to officers.

The 14-page file by the detective superintendent at Rochdale police report that was handed at the time to then Chief Constable of Lancashire said there was "prima facie" evidence of the MP's guilt. The Director of Public Prosecution later advised against prosecution following a statement made that the MP's magistrate's "buddy" in which he had warned of "unfortunate repercussions for the police force and the town of Rochdale" should Cyril Smith be prosecuted. Several of the Rochdale and Lancashire detectives at the time were also later on - in senior crime squad positions - in charge of various elements of the so-called Yorkshire Ripper serial killer investigation, during which the body of murder victim Irene Richardson was literally found in Jimmy Savile's back garden.

Later on, but still related to the 'untouchable' Cyril Smith, the town of Rochdale was also at the centre of a 'Satanic Panic' in 1990 when a fake hysteria, in which social workers created distractions away from the powerful paedophiles preying on the community, by creating false charges against the children's parents. At the height of the 'Satanic Panic' in Rochdale, twenty children were removed from their parents' care after the crack team of elite paedophile-protecting social workers invented 'satanic indicators' to implicate the children's poor, working class parents. The 'satanic indicators' were based on stories the children told  neighbours, claiming that they were taken to a large house in the country where a "fat man" (Cyril Smith) and some other men - one dressed as a Devil (most likely Savile) - gave them wine and then abused them. Almost certainly following their brief from high-ranking government officials, the two social workers involved ignored this, and decided that the parents were 'satanically abusing' their own children.

Charges were eventually dismissed when a court ruled the allegations were false in relation to the children's parents. The same network of social workers involved in the Rochdale psy-op were then transferred to Orkney in Scotland and set to work engineering another 'Satanic Panic' there in order to protect powerful paedophiles and once again transferring the guilt on to the children's parents. 

In both cases, the mass arrests of innocent people was to 'send a message' to the communities that reporting powerful and well-known sex predators such as Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile operating within their community would result in the parents of the children being arrested, rather than the establishment paedophiles with connections to the British Royal Family who were the ones actually responsible for the abuse. Basically, a protection racket run upon these communities should they attempt to protect their own children.

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  1. Great post Thomas, In hindsight now, Saville's bright flashy clothes and props were worn to "disarm" his victims and anyone who suspected him,the real scary thing about it is the fact he was not caught until now and was on tv many times a week for years,(thats two rippers suspected and connected to the royals),a creep is a creep is a psychopath,