Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bernard Manning Versus the Cultural Marxists

"Since the Queen Mother died, the dogs at Buckingham Palace are all annoyed, as they'll now be blamed for pissing on the priceless antique sofas."
- Bernard Manning

"None of the dogs in Buckingham Palace can take part in dog shows as the fuckers only understand German." 
- Bernard Manning

Only one side was protecting the powerful paedophiles in the BBC/British Government: the Cultural Marxists, who were placing more effort on re-framing British Society towards 'global citizenship' than exposing elite paedophile rings within the BBC and British politics who preyed unhindered upon the children of the UK.

Yet, who was public enemy number one to the Jimmy Savile Protectors during the 1980's and 90's? An incredibly funny, (brilliant, if the truth be told) working class comedian from the north of England, who was doing his best, through his comedy, to blow the whistle on what the British establishment were up to at the time.

Not only was Bernard Manning one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time, but he was getting real results against the Cultural Marxists and their Political Correctness, and continued to stand up to them, and not bow to their lists of cultural demands when they attacked him. Manning was well aware of the filthy rat hole of paedophilia within the British establishment and mainstream media. He was proud to be from the north of England, but he hated the Royal Family. He brought all this hidden darknesss out of the shadow of British society the only way one can do this and survive: satire.

Within less than a decade of the death of this so-called 'racist', Bernard Manning has been completely vindicated from his high profile spats with Jimmy Savile's "close friend" and alleged child protection activist, Esther Rantzen. She called him an 'anti-Semite' constantly to shut him up, while she turned a blind eye to what her fellow BBC 'friends' were doing to children around her. 

Along with other BBC fakes such as Stephen Fry, and the fantastically unfunny Lenny Henry (who is on video telling an Irish joke, while calling Bernard Manning 'a fat racist' for doing  exactly the same), and who both built their careers on pointing at Bernard Manning and calling him 'offensive' - now both pontificate about how people are too sensitive these days and need to grow a thick skin. A completely hypocritical 180 degree turnaround by Fry and his BBC Cultural Marxists from their culture wars which made them all millionaires back in the 1980s and 90s. All the while, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile enjoyed protection from the Cultural Marxists at the BBC.


I laughed at Bernard Manning's Irish jokes. There was simply no malice in them, and they were incredibly funny too. I know Irish people are not thick and Bernard Manning knew we were not either. He said so many times. Manning was not a racist - in fact, he performed a public service of sorts by allowing tribal groups within British society to let off steam. When this stuff is forced underground by the Cultural Marxists and their 'thoughtcrime' Political Correctness, it only simmers and then boils into vicious sectarianism, eventually leading to the kinds of horrors we witnessed in Northern Ireland and Yugoslavia. Which is what the Cultural Marxists want. It keeps the elite in power, while the 'ethnic trash', as Trotsky called us, are engineered by the Cultural Marxists to kill one another.

Bernard Manning also ripped into the British Royals constantly, and people also seem to forget that, while the Politically Correct were assigning all the 'moral' responsibility within society to the poor and working class. This created a situation whereby Political Correctness deemed that telling an ethnic joke was more 'evil' than a BBC staff member or politician raping a child, as scores of these 'respectable' BBC employees and Members of Parliament were doing at the time, and probably still are. Only no-bullshit decency, honesty and genuine insurgency came out of Bernard Manning. That's how working class people are. We know how to live with each other regardless of race or religious territorial pissing, as everyone, including the Cultural Marxists, shit on us.

In terms of my own work, and what I strive to achieve, I would gladly compare myself philosophically and culturally to being much closer to Bernard Manning than a Russell Brand, or a pseudo-intellectual fake such as Stephen Fry. 

There is no honesty in Political Correctness. None.

I am working class. I am not a member of the Cambridge SWP Anti-Nazi League. I do not relate to these self-appointed politically correct vanguards of the working class whom these 'socialists' clearly despise. I will never forget the look on the face of a Cambridge SWP stately home 'socialist' when she called me a 'common Dublin guttersnipe' in her best upper-class Home Counties condescending manner. That was real hatred - both at the ethnic and class level. 

When you encounter genuine hateful bigotry, you bloody well know it is the real thing.

I have been to Bernard Manning's Embassy Club and nobody beat me up. In fact, I was made to feel very welcome by the staff there. As a young man, I also worked on construction sites with every race on earth, and the ethnic jokes were non-stop among the workers. I was subjected to constant Irish and Paddy jokes, yet every single one of these men would have protected my ass if someone started a fight with me, and we all went out drinking together as multi-ethnic, merry vagabonds on a Friday evening. That's how working class people deal with their tribal rivalries while maintaining their human decency. Something the Politically Correct Cultural Marxists loathe and seek to annihilate.

Human decency will always trump Cultural Marxism and Fascism. We are not Bolsheviks nor cult members. We understand genuine compassion and we know the power of a fucking funny joke.


  1. a paddy a jock and a cultural marxist walk into a bar......................

  2. Have you heard of John Craig at the blog "Just Not Said"?

    He has posts on psychopaths at his blog:

  3. Great piece and hat a much missed comedy great BM and so evident the demolition job the paedo protecting Bastards at the beeb tried to do on him with their clown stooges..

    He who laughs last......

  4. After your post on Cathy Ames, I had to go to the library and check out "East of Eden".

    Now I'm going to have to check out the vids on Bernard Manning.

    "As a young man, I also worked on construction sites with every race on earth, and the ethnic jokes were non-stop among the workers. I was subjected to constant Irish and Paddy jokes, yet every single one of these men would have protected my ass if someone started a fight with me, and we all went out drinking together as multi-ethnic, merry vagabonds on a Friday evening. That's how working class people deal with their tribal rivalries while maintaining their human decency."

    Exactly, I was a blue collar joe myself, and that's the way it is with blue collar folks.

    I sense less hatred from so-called "rednecks", than I sense from so-called "liberals, leftists, and socialists."

  5. I just wanted to express some support. I've only just come across your stuff and it's so good to see these viewpoints being expressed. I squatted for four years until recently and you'd have been unsurprised to see a bit of a divide between the "working class" and the "lefty student" tendencies. To take an egregious example, I was patronised by a dreadful middle-class undergraduate who condescended to explain to me how black people can't be racist. It seemed to me that much of the PC stuff is simply thinly-veiled one-upping among a group too green and too narrowly experienced to have a firm place to stand.

    Me? I graduated in law in the early eighties but decided that lawyers were "not my people". I've done loads of jobs: council gardener, dustman, computer programmer, business analyst, musician... I earned a living from all of these occupations. I was politically asleep until the late nineties, and woke up just in time to see 911 for what it was right from the first.

    Anyway all the best mate, ignore the haters and keep plugging at the Savile thing. The truth will out. (PS, I have a slightly different attitude to the truth from you: while I understand that everyone has a different perception of reality and this feeds back into which way a person will jump confronted with a situation, I do think that there's also an "objective" reality which we can not connect with directly. Even Karl Popper was reduced to saying that truth was that which "accorded with the facts"... and the truth about Savile will out, I think.)

    By the way - if you haven't come across what Mark Twain said about conspiracies - just as derided in his day as in ours - it's this: a conspiracy is simply a group of men getting together in private to pursue policies they cannot admit to in public.

    If people think THAT doesn't happen, they're worse than naive.

    All the best, Tommy,


  6. Brilliant stuff. I still stand up for Bernard, because what you say is true, and because I love to wind up sjw's and liberals, all of whom hate him with a passion even though virtually none of them ever saw him perform. I remember in the years immediately before Bernard's death he regularly called in to the James Whale chat show when driving home from one of his gigs on a Saturday night. He revealed himself to be the perfect gentleman in these calls, and I'm in no doubt that had he been in any way homophobic, racist etc, then James Whale would not have put him on the air.
    A great blog by the way, I'll add you to my favs.