Monday, 21 July 2014

The 'Alternative' Movement is Dying. Clear as day.

The ones who have something genuine to offer and the decent people will survive to keep their own work going as independent activists, outlets, creators and journalists. But it has been exposed as the cesspit of spiritual motherfuckers with no decency I have been saying it is for a while now. The Infinite Love bunch can only fight on the Internet, in real life we soon discovered why so many of them want a revolution or an event - because they were incapable or too lazy to do that for themselves.

I can honestly say I have encountered some of the most despicable and psychotic persons within this movement hiding behind New Age and Peace memes demanding perfection and accountability in others and in everything and everyone else, when most of them can barely tie their own shoelaces and are only good for the odd paranoid psychotic episodes and smear campaign. 

I have also made some wonderful lifelong friends and met some sincere warriors of great integrity and kindness and you know what, we found each as regular people and not as members of a movement. We can enjoy and respect each other just talking about anything, even nothing at all. 

I am glad I found a fair few decent people and creators who will as individuals or small groups evolutionise our own reality and maybe that was the purpose of the 'Truth' movement all along. To find the 'truth' out about ourselves, and that my friends, when you think about it, is reward enough alone.

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  1. Think for yourself is the most important movement. I am currently really sad about losing our borders, I've been all over the world, I recently lived in Iraq, I am sad to think that countries won't have their identities anymore. It doesn't have to happen, It's only greed and the one worldies can go to hell.