Monday, 4 May 2015

An Idiot's Guide to Revolution


Devious and clever bastards the Psychopaths in Charge are. They really understand how deep rooted archetypes affect educated people. The Our Russ Christ Archetype being a classic.

How his staged 'moment of doubt' like Jesus has in the Old Testament with his perfectly orchestrated meeting with Judas Milibrand causing shock for the followers and releasing all the stress hormones in their brains. 

His supporters being confused - his NO VOTING death - and then 2 days later, on Walpurgis, his Resurrection as the Green Christ to absolve all your Carbon Sins. But their torment was far from over.

By Beltane, the rational Socialists and Atheists are basking in the Sun of their risen Watermelon Christ. They have all went though their own collective Stations of the Cross in the last few days and the Roman Emperor Fabian (this time) washing his hands of it, but not taking the blame.

Watch now, as Our Russ will have one major meeting - in his resurrected form - with his followers to announce that his work is done and that he will return to them one day. He then gave them their Book of Revelations on May 4th - on the same date that Margaret Thatcher became the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1979.

and the beat goes on.


  1. I can't believe it too, I was just on his youtube channel conversing with people so fast asleep that pfizer should take samples from their blood to make new revolutionary sleeping pills from, or the perfect GMO member of public. These People Have Been Convinced the same old ''This Evil is lesser than That Evil'' Its almost hopeless, then there's the typical ''you have a say and if you don't vote you give away that chance'' O M F G ! and they are actually serious, these people must be Sun paper readers, complete chavs whose minds are obsessed and occupied with football, the off license, the pub, BBC etc al, job centre etc. I'm embarrassed to share the same blood as them.

    We need more Thomas' in this world
    keep it up mate

  2. Like Thomas said, change means nothing, just like hope. I remember hearing a man say when Pandora opened the box of evils hope was the only one that got out. Something like that or hope stayed in. What was hope even doing in the box of evil, in the first place?

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  4. Listen Russell Brand was a junkie' now if you see how the iphone crowd treat junkies they would not spit on them if they saw them on fire in the street. This guy as a junkie would have been abused by everyone, somehow he had the common sense to turn this around but has not forgot, these people that follow him I think he detests and is leading them into a nightmare that he was in' I'm alright Jack f you springs to mind. russell is all for himself, but did anyone care about him when he was low. I would trust hm maybe if he was helping Junkies and setting up rehab clinics etc as he has been there but he is not.

    1. if he opened a rehab clinic wouldn't that look like he is being greedy?

  5. I am dismayed at your posture regarding so-called 'holocaust denial' as it is ignorant
    and reveals an astonishing failure to get acquainted with the verifiable facts of the matter to inform your blather. You are free to err; but in doing so you are rendering yourself the servant of the psychopathic power elite their monumental psy-op hoaxes on humanity. They'll still poison/medicate your drinking water, probably add chemicals to your beer, break your DNA with wifi smart meter microchip technology as well as pilfer your funds by stealth utility usage inflation and heaven knows what else; but they wont be grateful for your foolishness however ingratiating it may seem.