Friday, 1 May 2015

BLINDSPOT: A Serial Killer in Manchester?

Thomas Sheridan investigates the case of over 60 bodies pulled out of the canals in Manchester since 2009 and asks why the police in the city are not taking seriously the very real possibility of a serial killer being at large?

Who is stalking the canals and streets of Manchester? - Daily Telegraph HERE >>>

Manchester canal 'serial killer': Spate of 61 deaths in city unlikely to be caused by accidents only, warns psychologist - The Independent HERE >>>

"I'm glad you're taking an interest in this case, I'm convinced there's something going on too, and I'm not so sure the murders are confined to homosexual males, what if the killer is an opportunist? There are notorious cottaging areas along the canals in Manchester, particularly under the bridge by Canal street, perhaps the killer will push anyone in who happens along - remember that lad who disappeared after the Stone Roses gig? Also, there was the case a few years back where that student phoned his mum screaming and he was later fished out of the canal? I'm convinced this killer exists because I think I may have seen him, in 2012 I was sat by an otherwise deserted stretch of canal smoking a fag on my way home from work when the oddest thing happened - I just got a feeling someone was creeping up behind me, it seemed so ridiculous I almost didn't bother to look but I couldn't resist and sure enough there was a man creeping up behind me, he was shirtless, about 5'11 white and he looked like a smack head, there was a strange smile on his face and as soon as I clocked him he veered away. What if this person has a connection to the water, what if he lives on the water? There have been several bodies pulled out of the "Cheshire ring" section of canal over the last decade or so, including a 60yr old man and a 90yr old woman. What if he's just a junkie parasitizing his victims for skag? It's a motive and an escape route - if there's nothing on the cameras maybe he's not coming up from the canals, but rather retreating to his boat? Fuck knows - when i heard the story I immediately thought of that afternoon." - S.


  1. What if the men are killed in a canal boat first, then dumped into the canal later?

  2. Jog on sunshine, take your nonsense and pseudoscience elsewhere.

  3. Thomas, I've traveled a lot around that canal on Manchester and I just need to state this, the canal has soft mud in many areas beneath the water. If you fall into it with any real force it will act like a suction to drag you would be like walking in quick sand with water added to the mix. So it isn't quite as simple as someone falls in and can just always get back out. It depends on where they were pushed or fallen in is. To be fair the documentary was well put together.

    Lastly, the Manchester Shipping canal and the Bridgewater Canal both connect to each other, some bodies have been found in the Bridgewater canal, if not the vast majority of them. And the locks are only closed during certain periods of the year for cleaning and maintenance so boats do and can pass and travel for miles, especially on the Bridgewater canal which routes traveling throughout the country. One route, which I've been down goes across the country into hull and back out into the sea. The canal system is truly massive.

  4. Thank you for raising this. Channel 4 are showing a doc at 11pm: Manchester's Serial Killer? I think it's outrageous that GMP have simply refused to investigate.

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