Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tuam is a Warcrime, Not a Tragedy

You know that children's home in Tuam were the catholic church murdered 800 children through neglect and dumped their bodies in a septic tank? 

Well it was just reported that the local 'Professional Holy Rollers' in the memorial committee have brought in the catholic church to advise them. You can bet your bottom dollar it'll be a giant crucifix paid for my mass goers.

Be like victims of the Nazis, bringing in the SS to erect a Swastika as their memorial.
One of the many filthy secrets of the Irish Catholic church and their treatment of children - which is never talked about - is that many of the children who suffered were mixed race.

Lots of brown skinned children in the homes.

These mixed race kids were often treated the worst by the priest and nuns, as unlike the red haired and freckles all white Irish children, they had no economic value in that they could not be sold to Irish Americans families via the illegal adoption networks they set up.


  1. Thomas, Thank you for your statement on this horror, this war crime, a crime against humanity. This story is just so disturbing. I understand there is an international outcry about this and hope that Kevin Annett of and the Common Law Courts will add this to their growing list of crimes the Vatican and Jesuits have carried out in Ireland and the rest of the world.

  2. You are spot on Thomas it was just a business solution to guilt ridden catholic dogma .The government instituted laws in support of the churches domination and let them have free reign.