Monday, 2 June 2014

From the Swastika to Savile: The Royal Scams


  1. Yesterday's Panorama was a magnificent example of state propaganda.

    20 minutes into the "report" before Prince Charles is mentioned. Big Ears and Jangles weren’t friends… no, no , no. “Through charity work he became FRIENDLY with Prince Charles.” So Savile's charity work is still providing cover.

    Good see Edwina Currie, a women with purportedly more little skeletons in the closet than Alder Hey hospital, given a platform here to distance herself from Savile.

    It was all just mistakes and missed opportunities, of course.

  2. Starts at 2:14 for the second video

    "and I think she might remember it, even if her parents and herself are watching tonight she might even remember it to this day and I think a lot longer." Thomas I'd like to know if you have any comments on the wink and weird smile Savile produced right after saving those words. :/ creepy

    1. I shudder to think.

      The smile is Duper's Delight. Flood of dopamine from pulling off a scam.

  3. Thomas,

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned so far, but your pronunciation of the word "Thule" may be incorrect. I was told, by someone who had been there, that the island near the arctic circle called "Thule Island" was pronounced tool-eh. I wonder if this island was named after the Nordic myth and so may be referring to the same source. But I don't know any Scandi's that I can ask.

    Just wondering.