Tuesday, 8 October 2013

James Bond Your Psychopathic Godhead

James Bond is of course a psychopath. I was recently thinking of the scene in Goldfinger the other day when the beautiful young woman Bond was in a relationship with has died a horrible death after being covered in gold paint. Bond is fascinated more by the method of slaughter than the fact a young life he was intimately involved with has been taken. HERE>>>

Then millions of people all over the world are thus conditioned to see this as the actions of a 'hero'. The objective of the highly promoted book 'The Wisdom of Psychopaths' - to make the general public admire psychopaths who lack remorse, bonding or emotional depth. This is nothing new, media has been conditioning us to see this behaviour as 'normal' for decades. James Bond movies have been on the forefront of this conditioning:

"How many people are capable of seeing the movie character James Bond for the psychopath he is? He kills dozens of humans and then has sex with women who are themselves killed while his semen is still warm inside them. Is he bothered? Of course not — there’s plenty more beautiful young women for pre-death intercourse with our hero 007. Just business and good old-fashioned entertainment. Or so they tell us. A mantra one often hears from the Social Darwinism faction is that anybody can become a psychopath in the right situations such as wars or the need to survive a disaster. Well, maybe in Hollywood movies about war and post-apocalyptic scenarios. The reality and evidence would suggest that the opposite is true. Military research and documents going right back to the Napoleonic wars are filled with the generals and military strategists being rather upset that the vast majority of troops do not enjoy killing each other in battle. Even more worrying for the psychopathic war junkies, troops in combat situations have been shown to do anything to avoid killing an enemy. It has been demonstrated time and time again that unless an officer is present, troops will not shoot at the enemy to kill them if they can possibly help it. If they do shoot, they will aim for the legs or deliberately miss. That’s humanity for you and it is something about our nature we should cherish. It is also the one thing that psychopaths want to remove from us. Permanently."

- Thomas Sheridan from Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath HERE>>>


  1. The system purposely dishes out crap to create a void or creates something to condition people to worship psychopaths and get stuck in a system that serves psychopaths

  2. I remember seeing a James Bond movie (can't remember which one) back when I was in middle school. I was turned off by the callousness of James Bond and for that matter the writers'.

  3. Funny, I've never ever liked the Bond franchise movies...never stopped to wonder why. Thank you for offering a different perspective...to almost everything, Thomas!

    And you've made me think of my grandfather. There was a running 'joke' in my family. My cousin would ask my grandfather,

    'Grandpa, how many Turks did you kill during the war?'

    And he would always reply in the same way, 'None! Why should I kill them? What did they ever do to me?'

    Thankfully for my Grandda, he was assigned the position of cook, so he only had to feed people, not kill them. Can't imagine he would've survived very long if he'd had to kill.

    To this day, he was the best man I have ever met.

  4. remember reading that most of the GI in Vietnam, shot high and overheard. Those who ended up being brainwashed, by the situation gave rise to recreational serial killers. No accident that the USA has so many of them, the culture of the gun empowers the weak and anti-social. But there are nutjobs and fruit cakes out there, so it comes down to kill or be killed, what solution do you see for that kind of problem..

  5. one way or another, there are psychopaths out there, so if we bump into one, in combat, and they've got a gun pointed at us, how would you deal with the situation. Harsh language, and appeals to common sense may not work. To them, its just kill or be killed, as Darwin pointed out, survival of the fittest..