Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Tower

Photo by  Iain McKell (more)

I have a theory.  
This came to me almost as a half-assed revelation last night. I think it was prompted into the depths of my hidden poles of cognitive functioning and then resolved itself back out again in the wake of seeing Iain McKell's very moving photos of the NA Travellers of the 80's and 90's which arrived on my Facebook news feed last night.  
I believe when the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan is completed the alternative movement will probably drastically change - it has no choice. A lot of the more outlandish conspiracies as to why this planet is a mess will end, and people will return to the kind of activism of old the Ecology movement, Fortean, New Gypsies, Mother Jones, Utne Reader, Youth Cultures and Chomsky's 'Manufacturing Consent' style of consciousness insurgency and creative intentions. The cults will die off and the obsession with 'Illuminati' 'this and that' will vanish for another few decades.
That long forgotten scene is where my own activism originally spawned from and was perhaps one of the reasons why I think 9/11 conspiracy theories never impacted deeply within me, beyond the horror of the event itself. I already knew the world was run by mad men and didn't need a grand conspiracy - real or otherwise - to bring this home to me.
I dealt with it by writing loud music and political satire to try at some level wrap my head around and away from the sheer madness of the control grid. Looking back now, it was a probably a crud form of shamanism I was invoking in my attempt to deal with it all. Then Hervey Cleckley and later Robert Hare came along into my cognition and thus an emerging picture of why the world was the way it was began to make a lot of sense. There were psychopaths indeed and they were at the top of the pyramid.  
When I look at how low the alternative movement has now devolved with endless smear campaigns  and rampant paranoia, I feel a great amount of damage was done by the alternative movement to itself with in-fighting and witch hunts. Believe me, I am not being sanctimonious about this as I have been there myself throwing the odd virtual brick now and again. I do agree that the worst proponents of this engineered confusion - on the organised supernatural level - are almost certainly Intelligence Service-funded cults and moles who fed the paranoia of unstable individuals in order to create chaos within the movement. This was targeted at inciting people who would of been probably better off not waking-up, as their psychology and consciousness just wasn't at the required level yet.
I do not want to see this movement sinking into a circus of playing 'who's the Shill!", '"who's the Psychopath! and 'Who is the Sheeple!" for all eternity. Yes these factors are real, but self-responsibility is the main defence tactic to confront these challenges, not invoking witch hunts and hatred. We need to start moving toward an equilibrium of esteem and self-regulation of our emotions and be very careful not to waste any more of the energy we need to escape from the Psychopathic Control Grid via No Contact Ever Again and Non-Compliance. Silence Magic to dissipate the Black Magic of the Psychopathic Magi. They can only get in if we let them in.

Even if Big Pharma has a pill for everything, I think most of us would be happy living our lives as the NA Travellers did in a pre-9/11 era, more concerned with living off the land, connecting with nature and looking to ourselves and towards one another, rather than seeking salvation from the imaginary sky gods who (if they even exist) have better things to do than solve the problems on this planet that we should be solving ourselves without having to constantly pointing the finger. We know psychopaths run the world - but just because you are born into a sewer it doesn't mean any of us have to grow up to be a turd.  
We deserve better than perpetual fear and loathing. The Tower must fall.

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