Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Velocity of Now - Episode 12 - Sept. 29, 2013

The Velocity of Now - Thomas Sheridan’s Weekly Radio Show
Topics: Letters from Generation Rx...Seasonal Use of Enthronges...The Nairobi Mall Attack...A Visit to a 'Poltergeist' Infested Ruin...What is Magic and How it is Used on Us...Adam GTG joins VoN again for a Discussion on Shills, Infiltrators and Moles in the Alternative Movement.

"Cult members, religious fanatics and professional Histrionic Personality types have this (often fake) idea that being smutty is a sign of low intelligence and having no integrity. Other way around. The pious, judgemental, self-righteous ones stab you in the back while waving their arms around in screaming sanctimonious and manipulative hysterical platitudes. Vulgarity is honesty, while self-conscious professional 'respectability' is clandestine deceit." - Thomas Sheridan

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Due to increasing costs of keeping Thomas Sheridan Arts going, including expensive Internet charges and other costs associated with having to live in an IMF slave state with a very expensive cost of living in a broken economy, I have decided to place a Donations button on my blog. I agree that the truth should be free, but years of research, hard work, long and late night hours, as well as equipment and other administration costs most certainly are not free. The royalties from 
my books are very small, as this is the reality of being a writer without a big publisher.

Any amount you can give, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated. I have no big business operation behind me; everything is done on a very frugal, independent scale, yet I have provided thousands of pages of interesting and practical information and hundreds of hours of video, and self-financed movies for free. I have also given personal counselling to hundreds of people who badly needed it and never asked them for a penny. My speaking engagements rarely break even, what with the costs of flights and so on.

I, like many others who have chosen this path will tell you, it is hard work and I am at the point now where enough people are paying attention to me, but below the ability to generate a reasonable income. Like most people in a bankrupt country, I am just trying to survive. So any donations will help. Thank you.

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