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Twenty First Century Internet Witch Hunts.

"we have to burn all these 'psychopaths' because my Ex is seeing someone else...can you believe the nerve!!!

In 2011, I was contacted by a woman in the UK who claimed a 'psychopath' in social services was stalking her on-line. She was an unmarried mother on benefits and I initially felt sorry for her and tried to help her. 

When I asked her to supply specific details concerning her harassment claims, I could not find them. Even though I did not doubt her abuse at the hands of social services, just me asking her for more evidence was enough for her to start calling me a 'psychopath' out of the blue. Further investigations into her own story revealed she had a lifelong history of making false allegations. She had three children from three different men, all of whom she also declared to be 'psychopaths'. 

In fact, anyone who disagreed with her in the slightest way was similarly declared a "psychopath."

People who are very quick to call another person a 'psychopath' for trivial reasons, or if they see 'psychopaths' everywhere are bat-shit, crazy, indecent nutcases to be avoided. More importantly, they are destroying the important information on this topic that people need to know about in this increasingly dangerous, Globalist-controlled world.

These self-proclaimed 'empaths' have just found a new slur to compensate for their own life of failure and poor choices. Many (not all) 'recovery' forums are filled these anonymous 'unhinged' misery mongers who love throwing terms such as 'psychopath', 'spath' and 'narc' around at real people as their own hidden (and devious) identity allows them to indulge their own psychotic delusions/unresolved vendettas without direct consequences. Human failures trying to settle an imaginary score which only exists in the 'adventures' of their own victim complex delusions. 

Genuine targets of pathological abuse often stumble into these environments and encounter 'experts' in the guise of hysterical dumped and divorced  Jilted Johns and Jennys who haven't a clue what a psychopath or sociopath really is. These terms have just become their 'get out of self-responsibilty' card. They have no intention of recovery as they have found the perfect victim complex which completely absolves them of any personal responsibility for their own lives.

Psychopaths are Indeed Very Real...
There are Genuine Victims of Psychopaths/Sociopaths Out There.

But psychopaths are still rare in everyday society and when one passes through your life you'll know it alright, as the intense and horrific uniqueness of the experience leaves you in profound shock. I've met real victims of psychopaths and not a single one of them were turned on by a witch hunt mentality, nor threw these terms around willy-nilly, they just wanted to understand and remove the poison from their system. Not point fingers at innocent people.

We also live in a world under the direct and appalling consequences of psychopathic leadership in politics, corporations, religion and media. Yet these high-drama, schmaltzy 'recovery' forums run by nameless, faceless 'experts' and the histrionic residents of such counter-productive environments have reduced the very real psychopathic abuse issue at the global and and social level to: 'My Ex is a psychopath because he dared to dump me!!!"



  1. Do not take any offense to this but how can most of the info here on your various blogs be taken seriously? I mean most of what is written here describes you in many ways, very very puzzling it is, very very acute and very very blatant. Do you ever look back on your own writings? or video/ radio shows? You fit the very profiles you describe and act in many of the ways described here..... so how can that be? Only an opinion, mind you...............

    1. Yeah, whatever you say. Keep it up. I am not hiding my real identity. What you see is what you get..

      My real identity gives others PEACE of manipulative teddy bear avatars needed.

      Writing smutty political satire and not being a member of a flying saucer doomsday sect makes me a psychopath! Well watta ya know!

  2. Shows you are doing something right Thomas ;)

    1. Filter, as in my book Defeated Demons I show how Late Spring and Autumn are the times the psychopaths have their seasonal 'Flare Ups' and they just can't help themselves. Like Psyche Ward patients during a full moon. Psychopaths are at their more arrogant/vicious/predatory according to seasonal cycles and we are ringht in the middle of it.

  3. What do you think of the board? I spent some time there after being treated shabbily by an ex-friend and ex-lover who showed narcissistic traits. Sometimes I wonder whether the months I spent there hindered my recovery though. When I saw myself as the victim of a narcissist, I spent so much time in anguish and then fury. When I took to heart your quote, "Sometimes a creep is just a creep", and stopped building him up as some kind of omnipotent monster, I started to heal.

    I also noticed some competitiveness on the board, outright nastiness towards newcomers who didn't get with the program immediately, heard about backstabbing behind the scenes, had a histrionic gatecrash our telephone recovery session... and you weren't allowed to talk about other people doing much the same outreach work towards "victims of narcissists". Some other "healers" elsewhere seemed intent on selling you expensive New Age telephone healing sessions, and sounded hysterical on their radio shows. (Some take Law of Attraction too seriously).....

    It was all very strange, and I thank you for writing some more sane and accessible material.

    1. She seems like a nice person, and unlike the screaming, hysterical cult-affiliated Queen of Peaceful Smear Campaigns with the teddy bears and doves taking you on an 'adventure' of recovery, we know who Lisa E Scott is.

      Lisa Scott is decent and direct enough using her real name and that gets respect from me and trust from others.

      NEVER TRUST GROUPS MODERATED BY or BOOKS BY AUTHORS HIDING THEIR REAL IDENTITY. (you are being manipulated by a fake persona once again)

      recovery is a self-made thing, not a group project.

    2. The last few words sum up life beautifully Thomas ! Respect , Al B

  4. HI Thomas,
    I cant believe I haven't stumbled onto your blog until now! Oh well, there is a time for everything and I guess this must be it.
    I especially loved your thoughts on psychopaths in the music industry. I notice that it is those who are the 'hangers on' or groupie wanna bees who latch on to a gifted artist and try to drag them down with drama. I also notice how ruthless any of them can be in getting rid of anyone who will stand in their way like a family member, loyal employee , friends and so on.
    I am grateful for the eye opening lessons I have had these recent years, even though I have also had some suffering, it taught me a lot that I had yet to see with open eyes.
    There is no doubt that you are hitting home with many people, I have ordered your book, "Walpurgisnight" and am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for putting this needed truth out there and lets hope more people are awakening too!

  5. The more I think about this, the more devious what goes on there seems; I'm referring to sites such as Psychopath Free in particular (I've read similar complaints about others though). They encourage members to open up, and abused people use these forums to discuss extremely sensitive aspects they are ashamed to discuss with their entourage (especially about sexual abuse). Then one day they are banned with no explanation, this information stays up for all to see and they are even analysed in absentia, as well as attacked if they refer to this elsewhere on the web. So the ''gentle and compassionate support providers'' become vicious attackers and the interaction adds to one's anxiety and shame. They forget all about your so-called victim status and your presumed frailty.This is vile. It's exploitative of people in a delicate situation and harmful to them. They end up with added shame for having trusted arogant control freaks with their intimacy; they are likely to withdraw even more and feel even more inadequate.

    Even the site's description reads in the lines of ''vigilant moderation is guaranteed to keep psychopats out'' (as simplistic as a pest control ad). As if someone could identify a psychopath simply based on a brief online encounter. This should be a major red flag regarding their expertise in psychopathy.

    1. The only criticism of the site is on Amazon (below). I fully concur with these appraisals based on my own experiences there while having witnessed the wretched and indecent smear campaigning of Thomas Sheridan a few years ago and only hours after Peace was singing his praises. Is this not how a psychopath behaves (idealisation followed by hysterical smear campaigns?) and what better place for them to hide. What a tragedy for victims seeking help.

      Likewise find Peace's (Jackson McKenzie) profile very disturbing. It reads just like how a psychopath would present themselves to the world. A professional gentle hearted soul. The teddy bear and the little boy icon embellished with his clearly posed 'I'm sad' profile picture. His ruthless 'scorched earth' agenda in tandem with some very sick women on that site tells a very different story. One has to wonder how many suicides have been a result of recent victims at their wits end being on the wrong end of Psychopath Free's vicious moderators. An investigation into these people is long overdue.

      1Dangerous!!! Be Warned!!
      ByTERRY "Peace and Love"on July 17, 2013
      Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
      I read this book when it was first published, and would now like to amend my review. Before reading the book, I had a BA in psychology, had read the foremost authors who have written about psychopathy, and was not, at least, intellectually, unaware of their characteristics and what they are like. I had had many experiences with "unkind" people who may or may not have been somewhere on the continuum toward psychopathy or lack of conscience, but in my personal vs intellectual life, I had not put the pieces together.

    2. At the time I read the book, I was separating from my wife who did have all the full features of psychopathy -- not stated as "fact," but stated as my experience and my interpretation. After reading the book, I joined Peace's forum, read many of the personal accounts of people whose lives have been decimated by psychopaths, devoured countless other books, blogs, newspaper articles, documentaries, etc.

      In retrospect, Peace's book is shallow and ill-informed. "Experts" disagree on the definition of psychopathy and cannot always recognize a psychopath. At the most extreme end of the scale, Ann Rule, who had been a police officer, sat beside Ted Bundy at a suicide hotline and did not suspect that he would become known as one of the world's most infamous serial killers. Most of us who get involved with a psychopath in our personal lives, thankfully, don't end up with a Ted Bundy, but our lives are still destroyed.

      Peace's book is shallow because the questions he suggests that a reader ask to determine if their spouse or partner is a psychopath are simply not accurate. Husbands can cheat and be total louses (as can wives), keep the affairs secret, and yet still not be psychopaths. Someone whose marriage is in crisis for various reasons -- having any of the "signs" he suggests -- might be dealing with an ordinary louse, and potentially with someone who can change, and the relationship might be salvageable. This is only a "mild" complaint. But part of a bigger picture...

      It's interesting to me that Peace chooses to use a pseudonym and gives very few details of his own relationship with a psychopath. Many authors choose to use a pseudonym, but one begins to wonder exactly what he is ashamed to share. Since he doesn't name his psychopath and doesn't give details of the relationship, he can't be accused of libel or slander. Using a pseudonym, he certainly could have provided more examples of what he, himself, experienced. This would have provided his book some authenticity.

      Having done much more research on psychopathy by now, I find his book to be shallow, ill-informed, and potentially dangerous for anyone who is sincerely seeking answers.

      What is more troubling is his forum. The forum is toxic and truly dangerous. A "big deal" is made out of protecting members from "trolls" and potential psychopaths. And so many people have been banned or have left the forum after being publicly excoriated. When other members question why someone they've enjoyed interacting with has suddenly disappeared, the moderators do not give full explanation. They say, "Just trust us -- we know things you don't know." Anyone who has truly dealt with a psychopath knows that "just trust me" is the worst line you can hear. There should be more transparency, but there is not.

      Some of the people who've been banned or have simply left the forum after having been maligned or mistreated or banned may have been trolls, psychopaths, or had psychopathic characteristics. But some of them were innocent souls in great pain, and the mistreatment at a critical juncture has the potential to do grave harm.

    3. I am no longer on the forum, but have kept distantly aware of some of the dramas that have unfolded there. In the latest drama, one of the MODERATORS is now being publicly accused of being a psychopath!! This moderator has faced an onslaught of public attack, even while the stated rules prohibit personal attacks. And yet these are the same people stating, "Just trust us." I have no way of knowing the true facts behind this episode and who is right and who is wrong, but the public attacks and accusations are unconscionable. If the moderator is truly deemed to be a psychopath, isn't a bit scary that he was made a moderator, and was part of the little clique who decided who could stay and who was banned, with members being told in all other cases, "Just trust us." TRANSPARENCY would clear all this up.

      In short, the forum itself seems to being run like a psychopathic fiefdom, and the author of this book is no doubt lining his pockets from the proceeds of this book, and from the donations he has received to run the forum. I'm sure he has garnered a pretty penny.

      While the book itself has some minimal value, especially in capturing the full trajectory of a relationship with a psychopath -- idealization, devalue, and discard -- but even on that score, it is shallow. When you begin to read other people's stories, you realize that they are frighteningly similar, and YET each has it's own twist. Some psychopathic relationships come in the form of marriages that last for decades before the end comes, and some psychopathic relationships are only brief encounters. The discard does not always happen the same way. Some psychopathic relationships involve physical violence and some do not. And sometimes the physical violence can escalate to murder. The one and only trait I have found to be consistently present in every psychopath I've read about, met, or heard about from other survivors is that psychopaths LIE about everything.

      One would be ill-advised to take what Peace writes with anything but a grain of salt. On the one hand, one might be in a salvageable marriage, wrongly conclude one's spouse is a psychopath, and later regret having been led astray. On the other hand, one might be involved with a psychopath and the discard doesn't unfold as described, and things worse than could be imagined could result.

      Since Peace is making a pretty penny off this book, yet can't seem to manage a forum that is anything but toxic, I'd advise: Don't waste your money!!! And certainly don't join the forum!!!


      If you've become ensnared with a psychopath, sociopath, someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or extreme Borderline Personality Disorder -- regardless of the label -- you will be devastated. Despite a degree in psychology and much self-study on the notice of good vs evil, I didn't really "get it" that such people walk the earth. Then my own "dark soul" entered my life.

      It is truly remarkable how similar, consistent these people are. In this book, Peace captures the full trajectory of how victims are reeled in with love-bombing, the lies, abuse, and cognitive dissonance that will ensue, the struggle to come to grips with what has happened, the healing process in the aftermath, and how this exploit ate relationship which seems to have ripped out our hearts and souls can be a blessing in disguise.

      You'll recognize yourself and your abusive partner captured in Peace's words, almost as it she'd been a fly on the wall, watching it all unfold. Many people claim that this or that book has been life-changing, but Peace's book is one that is truly deserving of such high praise. She will gently take your hand, and with tenderness and compassion, she will lead you out of the darkened forest, offering true hope.

      This book is essential for healing and surviving a close encounter with a psychopath. Read it with blessings, and find your way back into the light.
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  6. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    I guess it was worth spending those hours deleting my posts one by one before I left (I have no idea if they were permanently deleted or there might be a copy somewhere only staff have access to). Presumably most members don't do that since they don't get a chance to.

    There's little negative information about them on the internet; apart from your blog there's an Amazon review of Peace's book and comments from banned members, but they are still very timid, far from calling the site what it really is. Officially they have a very clean image; enough to fool the unsuspecting. I even thought I might be overreacting at first. Thanks again!

  7. I was banned today because I stated that those with cluster B personalities are not"evil" and by calling psychopaths "evil" can actually hinder their growth. (Someone asked if P's are actually suffering from C-PTSD and if they evil).

    I stated first that my ex thought he was a fallen angel and worshiped Lucifer. Then others tried to define evil for me like I was this poor soul that still suffering from his ways.

    I stated that Lucifer is real but symbolic (I have my own personal beliefs on what evil/demons,etc. means) and that my ex USED that symbol to act above humanity and that INTENTION in itself that is narcissistic (god-complex). They thought I was siding with the psychopaths. But in truth I just wanted then to actually heal rather than spending so much time painting them as "evil". My ex is an asshole with issues. I have issues and I am working on them. I need to learn to not trust people so quickly and to leave the relationship when my mental state is suffering (suicidal threats/tendencies). Now that my account is deactivated I can't access all of my threads. I wonder if they are going to peek at them.

    That website is crazy. I thought it was about bringing awareness of psychopaths tendencies so we won't jump into these types of relationship again but in truth it's really a "safety blanket" where women go on to complain. "I broke No Contact" or "I just looked at his profile help!!!"...Like...NO ONE forced you to look at his FB page. Like what??

    It's internet witch-hunting.

    1. I was banned today, because I had a different opinion about the damage a psychopath can do to your life according to the length of the relationship. First they banned me, than a moderator answered my last post and two hours later they deleted everything.I think they don't like the perspective of grown up children of narcissists, sociopaths and other abusive people. They see it as victim blaming, when you realize, that the reason, that you ended up in an abusive relationship was the fact, that your parents were abusive. One of the mods called me invalidating, because she had an affair that lasted four month with a married man, she calls a psychopath and it nearly ruined her life - all I said was, that the duration of the relationship with an abusive person can increase the damage they do to you. Yes, her life was a mess, because she choose to have an affair with a married man. He was cheating his wife to have sex with her. He must be a psycho. I'm glad that I didn't tell my whole story in the forum.

  8. Please, everyone, go to the the review on Amazon mentioned above and speak up! These people need to be stopped.

  9. They need to be stopped!!!!! At the very least, victims need to be able to have their information deleted. !!! If only I had known. People need to post links to these sites on all the positive reviews of the book. This is insane what they are doing.

    someone blogging about it

  10. Do you know who attacked their site and tried to bring it down? Too bad they did not succeed. :( I hope someone tries again. Maybe someone can get Anonymous to fry it and all the data. :(

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  12. I'm another recently banned member. I dared to suggest to a grieving member that while we deserve empathy and sympathy during the grieving process, we shouldn't have expectations on how people respond to us. I gave many reasons as to why someone might not respond. That particular post was moved to another forum I thought was for defending myself against a mod's accusations (unempathetic, argumentative, condescending), and little did I know, I was being goaded into an argument by the mods in question so that they could ban me. For what it's worth, I don't think explaining oneself and defending against calumny means that I'm being argumentative.

    1. I remember your post. And I remember thinking that you were the only one who tried to present a different point of view while everyone else blindly validated the OP. Once the admin/mod team decides that they want to ban someone they will keep provoking until they can charge you with some forum rule violation. It's scary that the vast majority of the community doesn't recognize the manipulation tactics displayed by the admins.

    2. That is classic cult type mentality which is something that concerned me greatly about them. Some of the moderators would appear to have some serious cult training/background if the forum is anything to go by. I know for a fact that one the females was involved in the Pleadians Flying Sauce cult and another was in the Socialist Workers Party which is essentially a hardcore communist organisation/Trotskite cult for wealthy white people which uses Bolshevik style methods for identifying and dealing with "enemies". But even so, what it stinks even more of a cult - the public kangaroo courts and wild hysterical paranoias would make any crazy Scientology type feel at home. The goading people they deem 'enemies' into giving them the excuse to essentially, 'virtually liquidate' them would be fascinating to watch, except there may well be suicides as a result of this bullshit for all we know. But the most disturbing cult like behaviour is the 'Pledge' that members are expected to take. This is not recovery! This is submission to the forum for christ sake.

  13. I joined the psychopathfree forum when the wound was slightly fresh. I was hoping that my posts and story would help others too, especially since I'm a female who had a spath ex-friend. I thought my experience was a little more unique, having encountered a female without any romantic relationship tied to. The experience opened my eyes to the existence of psychopaths (strange, strange predators of man), and later did I come to realize that a male family member of mine is also one. Having no choice but to deal with the family member, I try my best not to close off my opinions and instead try to understand the way they see things so I could see the signs and later on protect myself. So when I posted on the forums, I was trying to look at all sides, even at the spath's. Little did I know that by doing so and offering more sides to the coin, I would be thought of as a spath sympathizer, which I am not. I do not condone the actions and vile thoughts of these spaths. But one should know not everything they do is bad or evil. Some "try" to be nice, but behind it, as a survivor, you'd know there's more to their action. However, by having this kind of outlook as a spath 'survivor', to the admins of the forums, is treated almost as equal to being a psychopath. I was shocked to find I was banned, but later came to accept that these people seem to be trapped in a bubble, covertly victim-blaming everything that happens in their life and somewhat bullying those that do not agree. Their paranoia also seems to extend to thinking behaviors of normal people as psychopath red flags. In some way, it was good that my participation there was halted before I, too, would fall into their perpetual state of victimhood. For by constantly talking about psychopaths--investing a big time of one's life in the forums--means that one is not over them, for they keep remembering and wasting time on them. And by closing off their doors to more analytical perspectives, do they not grow.

  14. That forum is run by a a hysterical wealthy queen and a handful of bunny boilers looking to get back at their exs. It is nothing else. Spoilt histrionic whitebreds who never had a day of hardship in their lives and who have become psychotic because someone dared to dump them as they all perfect and wonderful. I reckon all their exes are great people. In fact Peru's 'psychopath' from the Heathrow Climate Camp is a lovely bloke.

    First World Problems taken to an industrial level.


  15. And here I thought histrionics were a handful by themselves. Putting that into account, I'd agree that perhaps a lot of them are histrionic or need PTSD therapy (which for a while I thought I needed) for they seem to keep bashing and retelling their ten-year old story like a broken record, with equal amounts of enthusiastic hatred and bashing. It's almost as if their wound is still so very fresh, indicating that either they have yet to rise above the psychopath in their lives and move on, or that they just keep wanting attention as a perpetual victim.
    Now I can't say that their exes are not spaths, but some of their hysteria crosses to borderline paranoia against, well, every human they meet. Hah, first world problems, safe in the security of their homes. Try visiting less privileged countries and you'd see spaths and murderers 24/7.

  16. Oh absolutely. All you have to do is go back to the forum in September 2012 when the arm waving raving professional hysteric Peace, with a Teddy Bear in one hand, was howling like a lunatic, making up psychotic and very DEVIOUS lies about me trying to hack their forum (I was going NCEA with him his army of liars FFS) inviting members of a notorious comet death cult onto the forum, while the serial false accuser Peru (that stately home socialist has some history I can assure you...) was making up disgusting lies about me and then ran away 'triggering' when I employed a private investigator to question her and the other liar Iris on their shocking and very serious accusation these two rotten and cold blooded liars made against me. I was never anything other than a perfect gentlemen to both of them.

    They are vile and rotten creatures running that forum and I would urge anyone who has been genuinely targeted to get off. All this while teaming up with an extremely dangerous death cult so Peace cold launch himself as the Queen of Recovery. My Gay friends were even calling him a 'jealous, vicious Queen' while this was going on and yet here are hethro women running to him for relationship advice???? Eh what??? The Gok Wong of psychopath awareness for fucks sake. It's a total joke on every level.

    Honestly, you could not make it up how fucked up and crazy they all are. But stay around their forum long enough, refuse to take Peace's cult-like 'pledge' and you'll see what hate-fuelled, revenge-addicted monsters they all all. Every last one of them.

    They are not interested in recovery, they want prisoners of their bullshit forum for all eternity.

    1. I got banned today as I 'called out' one of the administrators for making a very sensitive girl cry and feel ashamed. My heart just bled for the young girl. She wrote 4 paragraphs' of apology. The 'mod' shamed her in public and I was livid. She was asking to be let go from the site because she felt like she was making mistakes on the forum and couldn't seem to get it 'right'. I stuck up for her and asked for my account to be taken down. I consider myself to be a very loving person and wanted so much to encourage the people on the site. And I did with pure kindness. So today, my name is 'banned'' and I'm quite sure that many of them will ask questions because my replies on that site were completely 'sensitive and kind'. I find the 'mods' to be extremely 'curt' when you disagree with them. So today, I got publicly banned and as I see all my posts now, I want to cry as I put in a lot of time there. Why could they not just hit the 'inactive' button? That is so much 'softer' than being 'banned'. I'm so angry at them right now.

  17. I have only met at the VERY most 5 - FIVE psychopaths in my life (I can say for sure) and all were males. I do not think I ever met a female one.

    Everyone else just regular assholes. Most of these groups go on like most people are psychopaths. It's terrifying actually, and the ones who have built a business on this hysteria have a financial stake in keeping this madenss going non stop.

    If I was ever dumped in my life I probably deserved it for one reason or another. It wasn't because I was a 'victim'. Only spoilt children think like that. Life is complex. People are Complex.

  18. Any truth to the accusations of members' browser histories being tracked?
    And would it be naive ti trust in the inviolability of private messaging?

  19. I have no idea, as this is the first I have heard of this.

    Peace is an IT person so who knows. Unlike him and his Comet Death Cult collaborators, I give human beings the benefit of the doubt.

    Remember, they operate like a secret service keeping dossiers on email addresses and so on. I saw this first hand and it greatly disturbed me at the time. Very cult like.

    One of the reasons I left that bunch was the unnerving obsession with members personal lives. On one hand, I can understand the need to protect members from predators, but they went too far. Way too far. The mentality among the psychopathfree mods is every heterosexual man is a 'psychopath' by default and has to justify their humanity before the committee of Peru and the other shitheads indulge them.

    Having met two of the mods personally, one, Peru, is about a totally soulless a human being as I have ever encountered. There is NOTHING 'genuine' inside her except hatred and revenge borne out of a life of being pampered and served by social and cultural privilege.

    The other one I met was Iris, I thought she was cool, but she seems to have handed her mind over to Peace and Peru for some reason. Perhaps they found her triggers and worked on it. Very cult like again.

    Nothing is beyond either Peru or Peace, they are vicious, pathological liars. So who knows. They only way one can be safe is to NEVER register for the forum. They consider you their personal livestock on their 'recovery' farm once you do this. Again, very cult like.

  20. Hang in there Thomas, I just wrote my story here then erased it. Not the platform I want to be vulnerable, ( the anonymous trolls and personality bashing). XO

  21. Hi I hope you don't mind that I stay anonymous, because I'm currently in a compromised situation.

    The problem I find with is that they label EVERYONE with whom you might have a problematic relationship as a psychopath, and that's just not healthy.

    I've got a problem with a partner whom I believe has a disorder, and is in need of help, but I can see with my own eyes as I take a step back, that appropriate help for him may be effective and may well be a good long-term solution. He's not a psychopath, but he does have issues he needs to work through - and don't we all at times?

    I'm starting to suspect psychopath free may well be run by some of the most psychopathic people that you could meet. They lump everything together as one problem, and give it one solution. The minute you make a suggestion that there might be other ways to go about something like this EVEN if it doesn't breach their rules, they smell blood, jump on you and tie you to the proverbial stake.

    I also find a lot of people posting on there are not in relationships with abusers - they're just unable to handle it when things don't go their way. The place seems to be replete with personality disorders.....

  22. I was was Double-Narc-ed first by my ex wife to took everything from me and then by the moderators at psychopathfree who came close to finishing me off. Arrived there looking for information to achieve understanding of what I had suffered. I had walked into a world of disordered people giving me terrible advice. I experienced on the psychopathfree message board a constant sensation of tension while at the same time a disturbing feeling I was being evaluated by the forum managers and then saturated in their culture of ever present HATE, HATE AND MORE HATE.

    The psychopathfree moderators are shallow, vengeance addicted and poorly educated people who are giving advice to others in deep distress and this makes them illogically dangerous too. There is no reality there. A sick video game for pissed off ex wives and girlfriends.

    Now I have come to see my ex for what she is. A shallow person far too stupid and immature to maintain a deeper relationship. She is not a Psychopath, but your No Contact Ever Again position is saving my sanity.

  23. Very interesting discussion on Peace's pledge on psycheforum

    A lot of us (myself included) worry that no matter how much we heal, we might still fall for another psychopath. I've created this pledge to ensure that we never will again By taking the pledge, you agree to the following:

    1. I will never beg or plead for someone else again. Any man/woman who brings me to that level is not worth my heart.
    2. I will never tolerate criticisms about my body, age, weight, job, or any other insecurities I have. Good partners don't put you down, they raise you up.
    3. I will take a step back from my relationship once every month to make sure that I am being respected and loved, not flattered and love-bombed.
    4. I will always ask myself the question: "Would I ever treat someone else like this?" If the answer is no, then you don't deserve to be treated like that either.
    5. I will trust my gut. If I get a bad feeling, I won't try to push it away and make excuses. I will trust myself.
    6. I understand that it is better to be single than in a toxic relationship. I know that I have friends who love me very much at PsychopathFree, and I can always turn to them when I feel lonely.
    7. I will not be spoken to in a condescending or sarcastic way. Loving partners do not patronize us.
    8. I will not allow my partner to call me jealous, crazy, or any other form of projection.
    9. My relationships will be mutual and equal at all times. Love is not about control and power.
    10. If I ever feel unsure about any of these steps, I will post back in this thread for help. Don't make any rash decisions -- we are here to help.

    By taking the pledge, you increase your own self-awareness and you will always be safe from falling into the trap of another psychopath. You can sign your name by responding to this thread like so:

    I, Peace, take the pledge!

    1. "Don't make any rash decisions'' is plain creepy. He is expressing his assumption that clicking ''like'' or saying ''I take the pledge'' in the spur of the moment is a ''decision'', thus is something serious and will impact your actual life.

      People participate in all sorts of online discussions and actions nowadays, committing themselves too quickly to issues they have marginal (or momentary) interest in.

      These few words imply that taking the pledge (or stating that you do) is binding in some way; that you need to ponder before agreeing with that set of principles, as if you were signing a contract or something.

      Just don't sign in blood and maybe (maybe) you are free to walk away :) .

  24. Pledge Six is profoundly unsettling

    6. I understand that it is better to be single than in a toxic relationship. I know that I have friends who love me very much at PsychopathFree, and I can always turn to them when I feel lonely.

    1. I don't recall noticing that phrase when I read it, but in hindsight, it is disturbing. You can replace that with the name of any cult and it would sound appropriate.

      Actually, they discourage people from becoming friends in real life through their site (exchange actual details), making it as difficult as possible for them to communicate in manners which are not regulated by staff members. They insist people should not trust anyone but the PF team completely. Therefore one has friends who ''love them very much'', presumably, but whom they are not allowed to exchange details with in order to meet in person.

      This is so obvious it's badly done. Like a syrupy advert. As I read it I visualise people marching in straight line, all doped up and reassured ''the company loves them very much''.

  25. The moderators on psychopathfree can only labour under the weight of their own label until it completely destroys them as human beings.

    Which is especially apparent in the case of Peru, as she has nothing other than lies, hatred and false accusations to show for her life. A middle age 'baby sitter' indoctrinating children into her hate cult by her own admission. You have to wonder what the parents of these children think of her raising them to hate 'psychopaths'...

    These people generate a psychological space between themselves and their own humanity, a space in which abhorrent behaviour is absolved and encouraged. Anyone who operates through a distorted lens can only manifest and magnify their own distortions. Only by continually dehumanising others by calling them 'psychopaths', and so on for little or no reason, can they maintain their own piety of self delusions and fake victim hood.

    There will be no great romances and love stories for the moderators of psychopathfree, so they are sure as hell going to make sure that no one else finds love and happiness with another person. So they make romance and making love seem as evil as possible.

    Take the Pledge to Peace, and rot your life away among these dregs. That's all they can offer at the end of the day.

    1. Well, it's impossible to find romance and happiness if every misstep by the partner is immediately scrutinized and labelled as psychopathic with the help of the PF community. A lot of members suffer from an inflated and distorted sense of self worth because of their involvement with PF and they expect to be treated accordinly. No man will be able to give them what they demand and it becomes a vicious cycle where their self pity increases with every new failed relationship. Playing the eternal victim by placing labels of various personality disorders on the ex is simply easier if you refuse to work on yourself. You have to hand it to Peace and his team: he knew how to create an environment that would attract women riddled with deep seated issues and trap them for who knows how long by giving them a false sense of never being at fault. And while everyone around you manages to find happiness, you're wasting your life away with your fellow survivors...

    2. They get others to power all their psychic energy into their own shadow and use it as a feeding through. When the guru has feasted upon the hyper-energized shadow of the person the were 'helping', the victim is destroyed and the PF recovery guru/expert moves on.

  26. If there is one skull out there that I would pay money to see under an fMRI machine it would be Jackson 'Peace' McKenzie.

    Apart from this sickening and obvious shallowness and transparent superficiality, I was rereading over some of the emails I sent him around the time I was advised to leave psychopathfree as it was infiltrated by a comet death cult (almost certainly at McKenzie's powerplay request), but there was a completely different 'Peace' in the emails. He was robotic and business like except for the occasional gloating that I am 'finished' as he knew it was his chance to become the Queen of Recovery which he has. And what a fucked up appalling vista it has become.

    When the history of all this finally plays out I can guarantee no matter what smear campaigns these vile cult-affiliated wretches unleash against me, the truth will come out about all of these innocent flowers one way or another.

    I just hope it isn't due to some disturbed woman murdering her husband or boyfriend for being a 'psychopath' on the advice of bunny boiler 'experts' on that forum.

  27. Please see new blog, "the Culture of False Oppression,". It's about the danger of online recovery forums using Psychopath Free as perfect example. It's not my blog. Wish it was. 'Maria', the creator, is whip smart and her over all social commentary is second to none.

    Please help spread her message. It is very supportive of your own.

  28. Hi Thomas,

    Thank you so much for sharing the link to my blog and for your kind words.

    I was caught by surprise today by the incredible amount of traffic and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Someone else checked on Facebook as I don't have an account there.

    Thanks again!

    1. You are very welcome Maria. Anything I can do to help let me know. You are doing vital work.

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. What is the PF admins' problem with Melanie Tonia Evans? They say that they don't support her or her work yet a few years ago Peace posted more than once with a link to something MTE had written.

    1. Imho. She asks victims to take respondsibility for their OWN lives ..and stop fixating on psychopathy. Ifeople do that, then psychopathfree would not exist. People would be living their lives again . No good for the pocketbook of psychopathfree

    2. Becuase. Imho. She asks people to take respo sibility for their own lives. Think abou that. MTE is smeared and banned becuase she ASKS people to take respondsibility..and thus. Find true freedom of the will from an abuser.

    3. I found her perspective positive and refreshing. Yes, they do say there's money in the whole business; however, a positive message does help; it's liberating. The last thing they want is people getting over it too fast, before getting hooked on their "endless rumination therapy".

  31. Hi Thomas,

    Just wanted to say thanks (again) for linking to my blog below your YouTube video. I hadn't noticed the link when watching it and was surprised to find YouTube as a referrer. It seems this subject hasn't gone away at all and almost every few weeks there is someone new posting about their experience. And it appears people are still afraid of this crowd or feel very uneasy about what happened, if not traumatised by it. It seems also from the screen shots emailed to me that the group's control over members remains roughly the same. It will probably take a long time for that to change. But I'm glad they find a place to share that experience and not feel alone in that sense. A few dozen people, over two years or so, have done that. I just wish they weren't so scared of this crowd. Perhaps they have a reason to, even now; I don't know. Anyway... thank you again :) .

    1. Hi Maria, the situation there is a kind of psychological death camp or gulag where one is to spend the rest of their days blaming every atom on this planet as a means to avoid self-reflections and god forbid, looking at one's own possible co-dependency.

      Members are expected to live out the rest of their lives on that forum and forget about the world outside. If they want something else, they are vitually liquidated, and the PF Ministry of Information holds their records and posts.

      Sick isn't it.