Wednesday, 14 August 2013

If Other Professions Were Paid Like Artists by Melanie Gillman

This is so true it isn't funny. I have probably given away millions for free using this criteria and I am reduced to the level of practically begging
. Meanwhile millionaire artists such Bono move their company to Holland and poor artists in Ireland like me are now to be taxed for this. But it's OK, as we make nothing to begin with.


  1. Too true.
    The artists, uniquely, are expected to work purely for the joy of it while everyone who benefits from their work drives about in nice new cars and spend fortunes on clothes, alcohol, holidays, etc.
    Perhaps when the next bill comes in, I'll just phone them up and offer to play piano for twenty minutes to settle up.

  2. Ok, feeling clueless. I'm trying to figure out how to buy books directly from Thomas Sheridan and hoping I don't have to go to Amazon. Is there a way? thanks

    1. I do not sell books directly Kira as I do not have them!

      To avoid amazon go to your local book and ask them to order my books for you. Just give them author and titles. Thanks.

  3. I have already got the local library to order them (take 3 months)and now I'm off to the local bookstore. Thanks