Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Killing Baby Hitler?

Mercedes were obviously very unhappy with this mock commercial in which one of their cars goes back in time and kills one of their greatest supporters and patrons Adolf Hitler. Even so, this advert leaves one feeling well, uncomfortable...

The idea that killing a child is funny - even if it is one which grows up to be a homicidal dictator - is rather unsettling, not discounting the fact that there is much evidence to suggest that Adolf Hitler's proto-psychopathy was a direct result of a vicious sadistic father figure, coupled with possible trauma inflicted by the horrors of WWI. Not to mention old Adolf loved getting stoned when he was leading the master race into their Goose-Stepping oblivion.

The mock-commercial was produced by a group of German film students for their thesis promoting Mercedes-Benz's Collision Prevention Assist Technology. Playing on the idea that the Mercedes-Benz's Collision Prevention Assist system "detects potential dangers before they come up", The latter day Leni Riefenstahl's in Reverse have unknowingly raised some interesting questions concerning the social obligations surrounding what to do with potentially psychopathic offspring

Obviously Mercedes-Benz is playing the Transhumanist card here too with this kind of technology. The slick and highly professional quality of the mock advert, coupled with the unsettling underlying 'ironic eugenics' concept left Mercedes-Benz big-wigs looking for extra 'Lebensraum' around their sweaty boardroom shirt collars.

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