Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Proud to Be a Conspiranista

Conspiranista: Incredibly sexy person who fully understands that large numbers of psychopaths have attained the main positions of power in Governments/NGOs, Big Media, Religion/New Age, Academia and Major Corporations and 'conspire' to keep themselves and their enablers in power.

Conspiranistas do not wrap themselves around dogmatic ideas of specific and actual plans and processes, but rather see the control structure as an on-going series of Gaslighting. This Gaslighting often involves the psychopaths in charge creating bogus conspiracies such as aliens, flat earths and wildly overblown emotive issues such as satanic child sex cannibal rings and the notion that every attack is a false flag and there are no terrorists anywhere.

Conspiranistas do not share vapid memes on social networking, or indulge in mindless platitudes surrounding anachronisms such 'Joos what done it!', Illuminati Anti-Christs and 'Everything is a lie!' Conspiranistas know that the psychopaths in charge always mix lies with truth.

Conspiranistas reject any attempt to Christianise them or get them into doomsday/endtime cults. Conspiranistas seek to build a better future for themselves and their loved ones through their own intuition and savvy. Conspiranistas never use their websites, youtube channels and blogs to wage a personal war/smear campaigns against people who are not in positions of major power, wealth and influence. The roots of the Conspiranista are the angry ex-hippies of the early 1970's, and not the White Nationalist Bible Belt Gun Nuts of the early 1980s. The only use a Conspiranista has for tin foil is to store the lovely food they make with natural ingredients and loads of love.

Most importantly of all, a Conspiranista places his or her quality of life and personal potential to create and evolve above all the corruption we live under. A Conspiranista always cherishes their loved ones above and beyond any other exterior emotion foisted upon us, and seeks to integrate within society and enjoy the many benefits the System - along with the overall benefits and incredible possibilities that human ingenuity/science have given us - but importantly, we are not bought off by them in order to make us unconditionally trust the psychopaths in charge. 

Conspiranistas seek to create solutions - IN THEIR OWN LIVES - and seek not to foist them upon others. Conspiranistas love to create, laugh, be open minded and never joins any group with other Conspiranistas unless it is to party, create or help people in need. Conspiranistas value their humanity above all else and do not call non-Conspiranistas 'sheep'.

Conspiranistas are naturally friendly and tolerant and we do not need Political Correctness to police ourselves or others. We judge people as individuals and by their entire life actions while refusing to eternally dehumanise another person based on their pasts or mistakes these people have made, as we know we are not perfect ourselves. 

Conspiranistas don't give a shit if no one else gets them and it is none of our business to seek to wake another person up. We are neither politicians nor evangelists. Conspiranistas never take themselves too seriously and will never follow any guru/channeller, nor wait for some predicted bogus cosmic/spiritual event in the future.

Conspiranistas seek wisdom and not the truth, as there is no such thing as any one absolute truth. 
Conspiranistas enjoy life and having a good time.


  1. Proud to be one too Thomas!

  2. Just when I thought I had seen and heard the best of this Man.....

    OH WOW! Simply oh wow......!

  3. I remember someone with the handle 'Jack Horner' on the now defunct Half Life Source forums who would post stuff about the NWO conspiracy, Building 7 from those days, 2004-2007. The guy probably went off the grid long ago.

    I found the stuff he posted interesting but I had a mindblock when it came to understanding that a few people were controlling the world when reading his stuff back then. That mindblock was removed only because of what happened in my 'real' Awakening involved shattering the long held personal illusion indoctrinated by people believing themselves to having the moral right to be my authority in my family and school of working for a corporate job and getting money to get a certain standard of living.

    Unless the people you want to wake up understand at their personal, fundamental level they will never win this rigged game that is designed to serve the psychopaths, and all they are getting are breadcrumbs, they will not wake up.

    Everything else in the alternative (garbage) movement is all detail and long winded crap.

    The preparations I made (like physical precious metals instead of digits-on-a-screen and paper assets to protect my wealth) is to have some semblance of control over the future, so I can get that worry out of my head.

    All that's left is letting the future to sort itself out. Screw everyone else who isn't awake, I am not going to have my intelligence insulted trying to wake them up.

  4. What's your opinion of Christopher Lee?

    1. The same as any sane person would have of him:


  5. Hmm... Now there Thomas... You was lurching on the edge of dangerous territory there me ol' son... "The lovely food they make with natural ingredients and loads of love" is it? - Suddenly I had this running through my head...


    I'll be sticking to the Prawn Crackers straight out of the fryer and the 'worlds droped out of me erse' chicken curry my auld uncle Chu taught me to make! Which reminds me - I'm nearly out of Hobgoblin. 99p/bottle from Morrisons at the moment...

    And "incredibly sexy" is it? - Och the wee sowell... Has to be...