Monday, 1 June 2015

Oneness: A Most Dangerous Myth


Humanity is not meant to be a string of 'Good Code' of 0s and 1s with the purpose of creating a conformist and 'smooth' operating system. We would be still in the cave huddled in the cold and dark waiting to be eaten by predators if that was the case. At some point, an 'individual' lit a fire and at another point, an 'individual' picked up soot from that fire and made shapes on the cave wall. No doubt the rest of the early humans in these caves either mocked, scorned, ridiculed or laughed at the individuals creating fire and symbology/art until they were all collectively eaten alive by wolves.

We are created by nature and develop with evolution as an endless bandwidth of analogue streams of individual potential and intertwined possibilities. There is no Method, Constitution, Trivium, Dogma or System in the Cosmos. There are Laws of Nature, not the rules of leaders beyond civilization. Evolution depends on mistakes and mutations. Cults and Governments depend on you marching in step to their beat.


And, if you do need a code to validate your human decency and morality, then you probably forgot what being a human being was a long time ago. That's assuming you even knew what it was to begin with in the first place.

We are not all one. We are all as unique as all the shapes of snowflakes, the irregularity of pebbles on a beach or the brushstroke of a painting. This concept that we are all one and part of some global 'oneness' is a total abomination designed to destroy individuality and self-autonomy. 

We are a mass of glorious chaos and personal eccentricities. Be the beautiful, offensives freak that is nature and make sure to get lost in every forest you find yourself in. Oneness, and marching in step are the same thing with different uniforms.

There is no happiness with trying to get on the 'winning' team. Ever. Only the destruction of the self. Be flexible, and keep burning that atomic fire of personal creativity in your heart to remain feral.



  1. Excellent observation. Collectivism, Statism are forms of suicide wherein an individual sacrifices his/her personal identity, dreams, and impulses in order to "belong" to a group. Don't people realize that to belong means to become an owned object? And owned objects have no individual life or purpose; they exist to be used and manipulated by the owner. What a wasted life.

  2. There is no contradiction between uniqueness and oneness - or not-two-ness, as the seers of primordial time preferred to call it.

    On the contrary, to allow my uniqueness to freely express itself, without interference from dogma, memory, comparison, dualistic thinking is the only way to be one with existence.

    Uniqueness is the gate to one-love, one-truth, one-bliss.


  3. Your posts, shows and videos keep getting better as time goes by. As I wrote before, I love your work!


  4. Agreed. Oneness, it's a fishy oneness they are selling. A bit woo-ey..

    "What exactly do you mean by oneness?"

    Decency: behaviour that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.

    Those standards should be a self evident truths. (To paraphrase Thomas)

    True. But ,there is so much negative programming.

    IMHO, rules, like the golden rules are there to counter-act that and remind people.

    Interestingly new tron movie mentions that idea.... you're either a 1 or a 0...can't fine the clip


  5. Oh dear, I lost my post. If there is one thing I hate that is oneness. I hate holding hands and sing-a-longs. I hate blending in and being of one mind. Anyway, I've been off Facebook because of a demented, old bag who is trolling me for many reasons. It was getting hard to ignore her. Looking forward to your show, I'll be back on soon! -- Susan

  6. Great point. There is no such thing as ''oneness'' , and when there appears to be, it is not organic but a result of brainwashing. People who communicate openly and honestly disagree on so many things, from everyday trifles to key issues. They only stop when they are not allowed to speak their mind (or even have one of their own). When doubt, curiosity or logic become sin, for instance.

    The funny thing is that - to my knowledge anyway - groups which are formed on the idea of ''oneness'' are not egalitarian at all in the way they organise themselves; there is usually a strict hierarchy, with an omniscient ''guru'' leading the lot. And they usually end up worshipping that person, reporting and backstabbing each other to prove their devotion to the leader, punishing each other etc., all towards a ''sacred goal'' of ''spreading the ultimate truth about being one''. And they end up more divided and paranoid than they would've been in normal society, where people are still allowed to be different. Presumably more lonely as well. Eventually they start seeing enemies everywhere and isolating themselves from the rest of the world. They are so happy and free that they need to build a compound on the hill.

    I've yet to see one of these groups that doesn't hide an atmpsphere of paranoia and anxiety, not to mention control, under that facade of unlimited love.

  7. It is a miss realization. There is only oneness but not in the physical/ mind sense. Therefore there is only separateness and individuality in this state of mind.