Friday, 6 February 2015

Puzzling People - The Song by Derek Motley

It is very rare that an author writes a book that becomes a cultural phenomena in their lifetime, but amazingly, especially to me, my book Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath has not only been attacked by a crazy religious book-burning death cult (ala Salman Rushie style), but has now inspired TWO song writers to write a song about it after reading it.
I am stunned. What an honour for an artist to have their work celebrated by other artists. Well chuffed.


  1. Bravo.. its a good feeling to get that sort of acknowledgement, and genuine goodwill from another creative human .. and you can't put a price on it.. can ya? Thanks for the Alan Watt more recent interview work you've done too ... he's been one of the few to really go into communitarianism [just as Niki Raapana has] - cheers x

  2. Per your latest Velocity of Now regarding female psychopaths; a MUST watch is, "The Last Seduction" (1994 version with Linda Fiorentino). When it was first released, the media touted it as unique from the perspective of the typical female "bad gurl" role Hollywood gives us. Meaning, if a female is an evil character, there is usually some explanation for it to be found in her past (parental abuse, rape, etc.) which at some point this will be exposed in the film as opposed to a male character who is portrayed as just plain evil. The Last Seduction gives no reason for this evil female character. This film TOTALLY nails female psychopathy. See here: (brief of film and trailer) NOT a film for children. Keep up the excellent work, Thomas. N.A.

  3. Thomas, if I may presume to call you Thomas,

    I'm anxious to know: have you reviewed your assessment of Russell Brand, since he has fallen so quickly out of favour, and since you voiced your suspicion that he was a too-convenient Christ-figure proffered for consumption? I wonder because, thouth I confess that I haven't reached back into your past posts to revisit what exactly you said about him, it is plain that you have said nothing since.

    You do know that he has written a book, Revolution, that shows – there can be no doubt about this – that here is a man who knows. I mean, gnostically knows, not a leftie or an egghead with a stack of factual cordwood piled high and lit, as some would say, the better to illuminate his outsized ego, but really knows, like you do. About our captivity. About our predicament. And all this while being himself, as the mysteries enjoined us to do. He is one of us. So why, then, the silence from you, whom I know from your writings and interviews to be a just man?

    I think you should look at this:

    Please write back. My sanity depends on it.

    1. I said all I needed to say about his Revolution and that was that. It panned out as I expected. An idiot can't sustain greatness, and idiot followers just move on to their next Massiah.

      I didn't have a crusade against him. I have other work to do it is all.

      Good luck with you mind and stay off the hybrid Shakespearian Victorian vernacular. Verily.

  4. Heh. Yeah, the Victorian dad mode is one of my weaknesses. Best to you.

  5. Your work has helped me to survive psychopathic abuse. I didn't die and I might just make it. Thank you

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