Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Interview: The Sociopathic Narcissistic Apprentice

This was a most excellent talk with Ian, and one in which we got into some very deep occult musing which I believe to be very profound.

THIS EPISODE: A Decade of Sociopathic Nacissism.'
Thomas Sheridan joins Ian R Crane to dissect the mindset of those who put themselves forward to participate in 'The Apprentice' ... then part way through the conversation takes an unexpected but fascinating twist! An absolute MUST WATCH!
HUMANITY vs INSANITY : #27 - The Sociopathic Narcissistic Apprentice!!


  1. Hi Thomas, what a great discussion! Will you consider talking or writing more on these subjects, especially the alcohol perspective? I too, do not consider that someone under the influence, shows their true self, I feel it is more like something else invades the person. Can you recommend any books on this subject where I can find out more, or better still, will you write one?

  2. Excellent stuff, very interesting especially from the alcohol perspective since its the most widely available drug out there that's controlled exclusively by the powers that be. Do they know something we don't? The north American Indians, the Australian natives, the Celts but to name a few were all fucked over by the dole and alcohol and tranquilized into oblivion. When the Chinese invaded Tibet one of the first things they did was give the disaffected Tibetan male youths the dole and cheap alcohol. The dole and the drink, a very powerful combination.
    Thomas could you speak on the phenomena of the dole and the drink. Your talks of late have been excellent.