Monday, 10 February 2014

Population Control = Sustainablity of Wealth and Privilege

Ask yourself, why are the super rich of this planet, along with the aristocrats, almost psychotically obsessed with human population reduction? 

Why them, with no one else - other than their own foundations constantly pushing this overpopulation idea - are the only ones losing sleep over human population growth? How come when someone makes over 500 million in cash, are they are suddenly 'greatly concerned' with the population growth and sustainability of the planet? 

They begin to lose sleep over how many of us there are. When they close their beady little eyes at night they see nightmare visions of us poor and middle class people crawling all over the earth like a virus. When they wake up, they then go and make speeches talking about us in these same terms. We are an infection upon this planet they say. Our increasing numbers haunt them. 

They fret in profound anguish over the numbers of humans on the planet, and then they fly in their private jets around the world demanding we should be culled in order to 'save the planet'. 

Ask yourself another question:

How many carpenters, waitresses, cooks, construction workers and working farmers do you meet who are losing sleep over population growth? Almost none if any at all. Right? Why?


Not the environment. Not the ecology. Not the quality of life of people in the third world. None of these things.


The same insatiable greed which made them billionaires in the first place is the same insatiable greed which drives their obsession with culling the human race. 

They are just greasy, money-hungry speculators hiding behind their charities and foundations. They are intoxicated by their own staggering wealth and privilege. Like any low-end junkie with a secret stash in a downtown shooting gallery, they won't share it and they'll kill to keep on scoring.

Just Business.

Human population is directly related to the valuation of currency and other hard assets. If you are a billionaire and there are a billion people on the planet, the net worth of your portfolio constantly loses its valuation as human population increases. 

Which each extra billion people on this earth the total wealth of each billionaire is reduced along a sliding scale which is constantly increasing against the value of their precious money. So our beloved Global Warming billionaires are set to lose 1/8 of the overall value of their liquidity in the next 4 years. That is like a really bad day at the stock market to them. 

Time for the billionaires to do a bit of streamlining and you, me and all the other non-billionaires are the 'unsustainable junk' which needs to be 'dumped'. On the way they will turn us into working capital by imposing draconian 'climate change' and 'austerity' taxes upon us in order to squeeze every last drop of capital out of us.

The billionaires and the aristocrats simply see the human race as a obsolete factory which is costing them money so they are unloading the Human Resource assets by renting out the infrastructure (taxation) before selling it for scrap (wars, birth control, abortion, poor diets and pointless lifestyle without real value or meaningful culture creating a 'what's the point?' mindset). They you are replaced with a 'sustainable' robot.

This is how the billionaires see you. Scrap for the wrecking ball and crushing machine.

This is the only reason why the wealthy and aristocratic families and large banking and financing corporations are 'greatly concerned' with population growth. The population is watering down their wealth. 

More of us = less wealth for the super wealthy. It is only about the 'sustainability' of their (often inherited) privilege and nothing else.

Thomas Sheridan is the author of the books Puzzling PeopleDefeated Demons and The Anvil of the Psyche: all are considered vital manuals for personal and social survival is a world controlled by lunatics. These books have evolutionasied thousands of people to build a firewall around their own psyche and not to be lured into handing over ones independence to a fake collective. As a result, his NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN philosophy has made Thomas an enemy of powerful media corporations, Fabian political interest groups, mind-controlled death cults and neo-Nazi fringe groups.

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  1. What I don't get is why do they have taxation policies (Japan) to encourage having more babies?