Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Most Incredible Underwater City Yet?

Hard to know if this can be confirmed, but remarkable reports, along with stunning photos of 'Lion City' are coming out of China. Discovered in 2001 under a lake in Chun'an County, the structures are located at average 30 meters in depth. Scientists speculate the submerged urban landscape could have housed up to a quarter of a million people over 1,200 years ago. 

Even if these photos are fake, just let the magical beauty sweep over you looking at them.


  1. probably from the world's biggest dam putting everything behind it underwater. it looks way too clean and without foilage to be that old

  2. Looks like a similar story to what happened in Egypt. After they built dams a number of ancient monuments were flooded. UNESCO had 2 of them moved, stone by stone, to different locations to preserve them. This city was also flooded after the construction of a hydro dam.