Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Cambridge Militia: Alma Mater for Shills, Infiltrators and Moles

Lynn Watson, undercover officer, dressed as a  clown at an anti-war protest in Leeds in 2004 - note the 'smile' (Guardian)

Lynn Watson wearing another 'mask' - again that 'biting smile' of malice.
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'The Cambridge Militia' is a term used to describe various undercover police, radical stately-home 'socialists', along with various intelligence service moles and operatives who are paid, or driven to volunteer (via elitist hatred of the working class) to infiltrate, gather information and disrupt sincere, grass roots activism which hasn't been formulated by political strategists, such as Occupy and Anonymous

Cambridge university and activist groups in the UK were, and still remain the primary breeding ground and tactical training centres (used world wide) for such infiltrators. Obviously, such employment would not appeal to decent or ethical people. It is not uncommon for these types to enter into 'romantic' relationships, or offer sex to genuine activists in order to gather intelligence or character assassinate them later. Perfect career choice for a psychopath or stately home lunatic looking to take down common 'guttersnipes' distracting them from the Henley Regatta or the Heathrow Climate Camp. When caught out lying - it's very common for these creeps to have a 'nervous breakdown' of run away 'triggering' while issuing disgusting and vicious smears against the people who are detecting their true nature as fakes and frauds. This is designed to cause chaos and hysteria in order to take the focus off the Cambridge Militia who has been found out.

Some notorious specimens of past Cambridge Militia (psychopathic 'smiles' very much in evidence) were recently unveiled in the Guardian. MORE HERE>>

Tactics used and identifying 'Cambridge Militia' style operatives
who may be at work within activist groups or on Internet forums.

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  1. I recently read an interesting book that in relation to this called 'Undercover: The True Story of Britain's Secret Police' by Paul Lewis and Rob Evans. Absolutely disgraceful actions carried out by human beings spying on anyone deemed in any way a threat to the status quo. Historically, this country has always been worse than East Germany, and the secret state is far, far more intrusive than the Stasi ever could have been. Considering that British and American troops occupied West Berlin and West Germany for decades makes a mockery of the whole 'evil empire' garbage about the Soviet Union and the so-called communist bloc.

    People in Britain seem very quick to side with their own ruling class especially when communism is mentioned. How slavish can a population be to adore their enslavers so wildly? It is a pure case of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Not one person who the state sent undercover agents to spy on was a threat in any way to the capitalist system under which we live. Yet, the damage caused by the undercover officers to the lives of the so-called activists is sickening.

    One of the undercover dogs quoted in the book above makes a woman pregnant then fakes his own death, only to turn up again giving a lecture about how worthy he is.

    Each spy costs the taxpayer £250K. Total waste of money.