Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Massive Redistribution of Wealth - No Central Planning Commitee Needed

Egalitarian Socialism: 120 Million People Murdered and they Still Couldn't Make it Work.

I went to buy some wood from the large HOMEBASE chain. Was very expensive and wrapped in plastic. When I asked the uniformed store clerk - after I spent ages trying to find him - to cut it into six feet lengths so I could get it home - he looked at me like l had two heads. I tried to make small talk with him while I waited for it to come from the warehouse, but his first language is Lithuanian. Seemed like a nice lad, but culturally it just wasn't happening. Eventually I said. 'Fuck it' to myself and left.

Next day, I go to an old fashioned Irish builders yard. They place had everything I needed. The guy in the yard was wearing a Motley Cru t-shirt and cut the wood (which was much less expensive than HB) into two six feet lengths with a handsaw he kept in the yard for this reason. While doing it he had a chat with me and helped me carry it out to the car. Every second word out of him was 'fuck' and 'shite', and he was a lovely man.

Experience A: is the form of Capitalism I will not support

Experience B: Is the form of Capitalism I will support

No need for a massive redistribution of wealth. Spend your money on nice, local businesses and not big transnational corporations.


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  1. A bit of topic but knowing Lithuanians( I am one my self) we are ,in general, not customer friendly nation unless we see big profit from it . (communication with customer that is),plus if the chap was a bit older then may be he still has soviet attitude towards others:) who knows.
    Big business with their faceless stores are a bit like soviet shops( just with a lot more stuff inside) working people in them don't really care about the place their work in.
    That's why they always have so many useless managers to keep a watching eye on the rest. The same was in soviet times .