Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hollywood Military Industrial Complex and Gaslighting: As Old as Disney Itself

I have to admit, even I'm speechless looking at this spectacular media gaslighting mind fuck on every possible level. Right down to the Disney logo money shot at the end. The fictional and 'racist' subtext of the Uncle Jemima 'Soap'. Can I even decipher this one? The entire surrealist and tacky nature of the cover just screams 'nod and winks' to who is in the they mess and mock with the consumer's and voter's consciousness. LBJ was the BandAid applied to the collective American psyche after the assassination of JFK. Let that sink in for moment...and then give this Karl Malden LP cover another look over.

However the most interesting element is the clown mask bra. As we are all scared shit less by circus clowns, what is the statement and purpose of this image? Is there a synchronistic aspect here - released on the cusp of the CIA created feminist movement? We have a tendency to think that these bizarre Anvil of the Psyche style images as being a relatively new concept (see below) - but it is most certainly worth trawling though the archives (especially in relation to Disney) and digging out these mind and soul altering jaunts into gaslighing in order to create and alter what we perceive to be 'normal'. 

They are lexicons and road maps into the manipulation of the modern mind using the deeply entrenched symbolisms of our Shadow, desires, fears and inclination in order to target our subconscious minds to make us believe that the dreams and nightmares which the Merchants of Nonsense manufacture for us, are the only reality we ever can possibly experience. Then they sell us the shit we do not need in order to heal the psyche traumas they inflicted upon our individual and collective psyches.

"Ah Karl Malden, he'll dispel any lingering concerns people have about LBJ being a main player in the murder of the beloved late president...Ah Miley Cyrus and her tongue hanging out, she'll distract any lingering concerns that we have a current 'beloved' president who got a Nobel Peace Prize for mass civilian murder and war crimes..."


Culture As a Weapon - It Works Both Ways

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