Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Don't Be a Clown...EVER

People often wonder why circus clowns - allegedly associated with joviality and childhood delight - are more like to be seen as terrifying and disturbing. One of the reasons circus clowns terrify sensitive individuals is because their image triggers an instinctual response within us concerning a collective archetypal folk memory of the potential evil which might lay behind the painted-on smile. We know the smile of the circus clown is fake and that underneath the expression can be a malicious sneer.

A recent story has come to light in the large town of Northampton located in the heart of England of an individual(s) dressed as a clown frightening adults and small children alike. Incidentally Northampton is birthplace and current home of comic book genius and magician Alan Moore.

Local paper The Northampton Herald & Post reports clowns have been showing in random places all across town in recent times. Clown sightings and scares are a long reported phenomena from the USA to Australia. One particular terrifying story I once came across, was of a clown seen sitting on the property of a terrified family. The clown just sat there on a branch staring into the family's kitchen with it's mouth held in a surprised gesture. The clown reportedly vanished.

Speculation abounds concerning this phenomena including one that it falls into the same effect which generates UFO sightings as a manifestation of social trauma and anxiety. Often referred to as a 'Tulpa', a term derived from Tibetan esoteric mysticism describing a 'thoughtform' which can materialise and appear real. However, in the Northampton case we can assume it's a prank. MORE>>>


  1. Clowns have scared the shit out of me since being a child, terrifying!

  2. AI social engineering project? SM.