Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Velocity of Now - July 1, 2015 with Thomas Sheridan

My fear and loathing inside Roslyn Castle...


  1. you are a Deceiver a Liar and a Murderer
    the earth is built on the flat epstein.
    I have made a few videos to help explain this further.

    1) Why do Poles matter, Flat Earth, Plane (t) "science" Series Part 1

    2) "Gravity" (defined) Flat earth reality plus Con-vex'd Con-cave'd exposed_Part 2

    3) Flat Plane(t) Luminaries (lights)(Sun,Moon,stars,plane(t)s) Movement Part 3

    4) Flat plane(t) and the Uni1verse sentence of course Part 4 (twin peaks repeat)

    Part 5 (new)
    Flat Plane (T) Earth the Corney hole-us Effect and other sights to Bee-hold Part 5

    5) The Plane(e) of Earth - Period - The Flat Earth Plane(t).

    6) Plane(e)t Wall(e) Viewing 50 mile (min) View across Central california valley (crows landing)
    7)Plane Viewing - Raw video-for research minded - Volume 1 -THe Flat Earth Plane

    Then going into Physics and testable experiments I have Several Proving the flat plane (t).

    1)The Earth is Flat, a Plane, a Plane(T), Moving beyond the Obvious. Planes of Existence

    2)De-CERN Light 4 into 1 Flat plane (flat earth) acceleration Dimension test

    3)Fallen Light (of World69 9/11 code) Proven What lights up your Life or death

    my latest.

    and finally
    the "Moon" is the lessor light DO Not Worship the creation let it be Get out of the fallen Light

    One last video Venus Seen through.
    Venus HOAX Transit HOAX eye WItness Report and proof

    also for you to look at . Take a look at this

    and then compare this picture of the salt flats.