Wednesday, 12 November 2014

'Ireland Inspires' 2016 Video - Revolting Cultural Marxism at its Most Shameless


The Irish Government have commissioned a video to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising in Dublin in 1916, when - in effect - the Irish War of Independence began, as a small force of rebels held the might of the British Empire with bravery and often brilliant military tactics for over a week. It resulted in Dublin being left in ruins, and most of the leaders executed by firing squad. An event which burnt a hole forever in the Irish psyche.

The 'Ireland Inspires' video not only avoids that a military engagement ever took place, but begins by fawning over the British Monarchy, the same entity which the Irish rebels sought to overthrow in 1916. It wound be akin to celebrating the massacre of Native Americans at Wounded Knee by ignoring Native Americans and instead celebrating Andrew Jackson and his 'Manifest Destiny'.

It is almost impossible to explain how insulting this video is to millions of Irish people around the world. The present Irish Government - essentially a wing of the German Christian Democratic Party - have commissioned something so determined to offend no one, that it says nothing at all...except that the present Irish political and social elite are simply not Irish in any way, shape or form.

They have smothered the legacy of 1916 in a twee, Riverdance-style, world-music, EU-style Cultural Marxist, multi-cultural mish-mash of irrelevant video montages. Vapidity that insults the men and women of 1916. 

One could be forgiven for believing that Irish independence was a result of Westlife and Jedward concerts, and not a bloody war which costs thousands of lives. Especially obnoxious is the inclusion of Sir Bob Geldof who all his life has openly rejected Irishness and any idea of Irish independence. Yet he is included in a 1916 commemorative video, while the people who took part in the 1916 events, are left out! It is almost as if the civil servants and spin doctors, behind this absurdity, are attempting to completely rewrite the Irish identity out of their own history.

If there was ever one video to perfectly demonstrate that membership of the European Union destroyed Irish independence, then this is it. The obliteration of the Irish identity, through the annihilation of the actual historic events of 1916 in favour of nothing at all.

Bizarre and horrifically vacuous. A celebration of nothing, by nothing and about nothing.


  1. quite so, I have only just stumbled across your works and thoughts so far so good. thankyou

  2. The current Irish Government is out of touch with the ordinary people is will be a miracle if we don’t have a new revolution soon! The parasites will push us to this if they continue to ignore the peoples voice on the streets!