Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Save Your Own Ass and the Ones You Love

One of the people who recently claimed I am a "Doom Merchant" cited the Icelandic Bankers in jail as proof that people power does win. I really didn't have the heart to tell her there was no Icelandic Revolution and it is all a myth, as the banks got bailed-out in the end by the ordinary Icelandic people. The bankers got a slap on the wrist, if even that.


This commercial made in 1971 is the origin of our modern post-Christian 'need', and unconditional belief of external salvation for the masses, by the masses, 'oneness' and a global awakening towards peace and universal brotherhood. It all stems from this. Everything from the 2012 nonsense to the waiting for the space brothers/DNA upgrade/ascension cults. That's about how real the 'real thing' is. Back then, it was the Age of Aquarius; today it is Russell Brand's 'Revolution'. How many times have I told you that our entire reality is a mirage engineered by powerful psychopaths? This includes the salvation given to you.

The 99th Monkey is watching X-Factor or sleeping rough outside an Apple store to get the latest iPhone. He isn't waiting for Infinite Love or the aliens to arrive. The 100th Monkey won't raise DNA in the way the New Age/Awakening community tells you they will. The 100th Monkey will want a mobile device implanted in their brain.

I am telling you: there is no hope for a mass awakening. The future is grim at the social level. Look at Common Core, Transhumanism, future social and cultural projection models. At best, it will be a sea of soulless blandness and conformity. Boredom is the only outcome that Bill Gates and other powerful futurists and institutes can offer us. Billions will accept it gladly, as they have been conditioned to want this for centuries. War will be the engineered respite to distract from the boredom now and again. Unless a major global catastrophe arrives, such as an asteroid impact or global ecological collapse, this is the only future waiting for humanity.


I will not lie to you about that and give you false hopes. I treat you like an adult and not a child. The Globalists have won. We never stood a chance. Look around you; everyone is happy with the X-Factor, TV sports and Cheese-Stuffed Crust Pizza. They think everything is great, and they are the vast majority of the world. The number one issue in Ireland is not the austerity or water tax; it is the death of a fictional character on a TV crime drama. The vast majority of Irish people care little beyond that. 

The Irish are no more wired into the 'system' than anyone else is. The way I engage with the modern iPhone hysteria, X-Factor, TV sports society is I consider it a crazy family which lives next door. I smile and wave hello as I pass by, but no way will I invite them over for tea. I even considered a TV broadcast signal in my living room as a kind of psychic burglar. My living and home space is sacred. I do not want Rupert Murdoch in there. We need to turn our homes - even if they are small flats that we rent - into sanctuaries, away from the system. 


In George Orwell's novel 1984, Winston Smith had to hide behind the screen in order to keep a journal and express his free creative thoughts and ideas. But he still found freedom there, as appalling as it was. He also found freedom with Julia, making love in that grubby apartment, or hiding in the long grass. Once he did not try to fight Big Brother face-on, he was safe, and found magic in this freedom with Julia. I often think these horrible celebrity home visits in magazines and on TV as a psy-op to have us all living in houses with glass walls. Maintain our privacy at all costs. 

Once the front door is closed, we are 'free'.

Big Brother wants you to be an idealist and attack him so he can steal your last fragments of freedom from you. He wants you to be a Freeman so he can punish and mock you. He wants you protesting and marching in the streets with your signs so he can ignore you, while you acknowledge his power, might and authority over you. To protest is to beg. To beg is to acknowledge servitude. Ignore him instead, and live a good life, regardless.

Knowing and accepting that there will never be an external salvation or global 'revol'ution, allows you to cast aside delusions of a mass awakening, and you can enjoy and create a wonderful life for yourself and your loved ones, rather than wasting your energy on salvation from outside yourself, which will never happen. 


The best we can do is highlight injustice and oppression. There is no dishonour in this. You can also unload the psychopaths, trauma vampires in your own life with NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN and be amazed how much energy and creativity will flourish within you. The only tangible answer to the problems of the world are Macro in nature and in your own life, and you can actually SOLVE them there. Grow your own food rather than protesting every year for Monsanto to label their GMO products. If people ask you why you grow your own food, tell them why. Live by example and share your wisdoms.

I am not a Doom Merchant. I am a very much the opposite. I am telling you to take back your own individual power and stop giving it away. What's the problem? Our job is to get useful/empowering information out there to allow people to make sensible decisions in their own lives...and this is the important part...if they WANT to.


  1. Brilliant stuff Thomas thanks!

  2. The sheep are indeed asleep, coke anyone?

  3. I remember that commercial when I first saw it in 1971. I hated it and would groan every time it came on.

  4. Hi Thomas I don't always agree with everything you say but I love your conviction and sincerety, but please engage more we all need more from you than stand offish advice spoken in freindship

  5. I've found myself not wanting to come to the same conclusions you've outlined but I do believe your right.

  6. Thomas – if the only tangible answers to problems in the world are macro in nature doesn't that mean in the more grand scheme of things like global power and financial structures? But you suggest to the solutions that I would think are more micro or something in nature like creating change in your life growing your own garden and leading by example or do you mean like photography macro mode where you're zooming in?

  7. We're fucked. Tom's right.

    The fact he doesn't sugarcoat everything tells me he's genuine lol

  8. "By my calculations based, on data I have been gathering since 2012, I have calculated there are less than 30,000 actively involved worldwide in the Alternative scene out of a population of almost 7 billions souls on this planet." Thomas Sheridan

    >>> We have only just begun . The gatekeepers fear us so much they employ disinformationists to muddy the waters . Don't fall for it and use that as a broad brush to knock the shaky beginnings.

    Remember it is the mainstream mass media with their lies that are our major concern. Stay focussed on the main game and don't unwittingly offer tacit support to them by throwing out the baby(the seers) with the bath water(the idiots and disinfoists).

  9. don't spoil the good work you do by being a hypersensitive control freak princess