Thursday, 14 August 2014

Robin Williams and Three Days of State Mourning?

Nothing brings folks together like the death of a millionaire celebrity it would seem...
...In that case, I propose we nuke Hollywood and bring about world peace.

I am actively blocking self-proclaimed "awake" people who are on their third day of mass-media induced Robin Williams grief tourism histrionics. These people are of no use to anyone except their masters in the media.

Russell Brand can keep them.


If our thoughts do, in fact, fabricate or alter parts of our brain structure, then we have to develop a more personally responsive model of how we deal with information being presented to us. The mainstream media has known that we can be altered according to hype and sensationalism for decades. This is why, at the end of news broadcasts, we get the 'feel good' story: to give the viewer a rush of dopamine to off-set the adrenalin and other stress hormones from watching the bad news. The TV news programme is also read by attractive 'eye candy', which hooks the viewer by shooting straight for the libido as soon as the credits and dramatic music fades out. The reason why the main TV newscasts are at regular times during the day is because we need regular adrenaline and dopamine medication. This is not done by accident. This is all planned and all designed to turn the viewer into a junkie in search of a constant fix. 
When it comes to 24-hour news channels, the effect is somewhat different. A sense of dependency on information is cultivated in the viewer; that some really important event might 'break' at any moment and will be of vital importance to the audience. In this situation, a sense of hypervigilance is the key to maintain the audience. The flashing 'BREAKING' logos which continually appear on the screen keep the viewer 'tuned in'. This is only possible using hype and sensation, and this is a co-dependency we all have to break free from.

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The 'OMG!' response is not a natural reaction for human beings. In the wild, this would have had us eaten within seconds. This hysteria is a result of modern humans not being able to regulate our emotions as well as we should. We are encouraged to fly from one extreme to the next. Hence, when processing this information given to us, we have to learn to deal with it with less hysteria and more critical examination. The following graph illustrates how this can be done. Keep your emotions between the dotted lines. You'll find it improves your own quality of life and you'll become less stressful when confronted with any challenging stimuli.

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  1. What the hell are people mourning over Robin Williams for it's not like they knew him personally, get a friggin grip you sad bastards. I'm more concerned with what's going on in the real world to be crying over the death of a comedian.

  2. Have a looky at thisy.

  3. "Nothing brings folks together like the death of a millionaire celebrity it would seem...
    ...In that case, I propose we nuke Hollywood and bring about world peace."

    I don't know if it would bring world peace, but it would do wonders for the independent film makers.

    Yes, I know it is a joke.