Friday, 22 August 2014

Britain Get Out of England

"In 1066, Pope Alexander II gave his blessing for the Norman conquest of England. Presenting the Normans a papal ring, the Standard of St. Peter, and a papal edict to present to the English clergy saying that William was given the papal blessing for his bid to the throne. These favours were instrumental in the submission of the English church following the Battle of Hastings."

"The Norman invasion of Ireland thus had the backing of the Papacy. Pope Alexander III, who was Pope at the time of the invasion, ratified the Laudabiliter and gave Henry dominion over the "barbarous nation" of Ireland so that its "filthy practices" may be abolished, its Church brought into line, and that the Irish pay their tax to Rome by 1155."

In Ireland, a lot of older Catholic men refer to their god as 'the man upstairs' - isn't that a very interesting psy-op - which goes a long way to show how the Vatican replaced the British Crown with the same Archonic (lord and ruler) archetype which then allowed the Vatican to continue their sadistic energy harvesting by means of imposing human bondage and suffering upon the population.

From Famine Workhouse to Magdalene Laundry the beast moved one of its insatiable heads back and put another one - with a fresh set of jaws - forward, to feed upon the same wounded people.

We were much better off under the Vikings than we were once the Normans - with their Divine Right of Kings- arrived. You only hear the Irish Catholic Church complaining about how wicked the Vikings were. Yet there are no songs and ballads in Ireland telling of the crimes of the Vikings. Which tells us much I feel. Remember the Norman beast attacked the Anglo-Saxons in 1066 and did the same to them as they did to the Irish.

The Norman invasion was for the English and Welsh, what Manifest Destiny was for the Native Americans.

One of the things I have noticed about these BNP types is that they are not looking for a pre-1066 version of English identity, they are completely caught in the post Norman worship of alien Kings and Queens. They are against foreign workers being in England, but adore their foreign monarchs.

If is sounds like I am romanticising Europe outside the Christian grip... well then, guilty as charged. I have been to Tara and Avebury and our ancestors were not scum. The scum arrived with Saint Patrick and then the job was finished off by William the Conqueror.

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  1. You haven't truly woken up until you start looking at the Jewish issue.